The prohibition that Daniel Sancho's lawyer in Thailand could impose on the chef

It is one of the most prominent issues of recent weeks.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
19 August 2023 Saturday 16:58
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The prohibition that Daniel Sancho's lawyer in Thailand could impose on the chef

It is one of the most prominent issues of recent weeks. Rodolfo Sancho's son, Daniel Sancho, is in provisional prison in Thailand after having confessed to the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta, a Colombian surgeon with whom he was on vacation on an island in the Asian country. In the midst of the commotion that this news has caused in our country, it has been learned that Sancho would be interested in speaking to the press to continue in the media spotlight, as a strategy for his case. However, as Summer Party reveals, his lawyer would have imposed a ban on him.

Precisely, in the last hours Silvia Bronchalo, mother of the Spanish chef, has surprised all the press with her first statements after having come to see Daniel, in what has been the first visit she has received in the Samui prison. "No one expects such a thing, no one is prepared to receive such news. No one prepares us for this," she said. There are many who consider that these statements could be a media strategy for the case, since the mother of the alleged murderer was a practically anonymous person.

For his part, Daniel is calm and strong and is very interested in the scope that the news of the crime is having in Spain. In fact, he has been talking that he may soon offer statements to the press. This was stated by Vicente Cacho, a member of the Spanish embassy in Thailand. "He is interested in knowing what media coverage he is receiving in Spain, you know that Daniel is a media person, I have told him that he is receiving a lot of coverage," said Cacho.

After having a meeting with the 29-year-old, the diplomat did not specify when or how, but he did stress that the young man wants to speak to the media. "Perhaps he will eventually consider making a statement to the press," he said. Regarding his emotional state, the Spanish representative in Thailand assured that he "has remained strong." However, the Summer Party program has indicated this Saturday that this interaction with the media may not take place

Emma García's program has revealed that the Thai lawyer handling her case could have told her not to talk to the press. Carmen Balfagón, the spokeswoman for the Sancho Bronchalo family, spoke about Sancho's possible intervention in the press. "That depends on the lawyer he has", she began by saying herself. And although she has been cautious, she assured that "I would advise him not to do it."

The expert has given her point of view and has revealed what she thinks is going to happen. "I am not Daniel's lawyer, but I think the lawyer right now is going to tell him not to say anything to anyone," she commented on the prohibition that she believes the lawyer will have made to the young man. At this time, Sancho's Thai lawyer is one of the few people with whom the chef maintains contact from prison, and is the one who is guiding all his steps as far as legal matters are concerned.

In fact, during his first ten days in prison he had to be isolated by covid protocol, and only his lawyer was able to meet with him. "He knows what he did and I have already explained the process to him. We have begun to design the strategy to follow on the day of the trial," Khun Anan, his lawyer in the Asian country, said then.