The pressure of being the ideal mother or father made series

Aina Clotet is one of those actresses omnipresent in the imagination of the Catalan viewer.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
26 November 2023 Sunday 10:56
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The pressure of being the ideal mother or father made series

Aina Clotet is one of those actresses omnipresent in the imagination of the Catalan viewer. She saw her grow up as the daughter of Mercè Arànega and younger sister of Laia Marull in Estació d’enllaç. He then displayed his acting talent in productions such as El cor de la ciutat, Infidels or Gran Nord, in a career closely related to TV3's own fiction but that also went further, with more risky proposals such as the film Elisa K, mainstream television Iberian as Velvet Collection or the recent supporting role in The Body on Fire.

So, upon seeing that she returns as an author, as creator, director and leading actress of Això no és Suècia, the first reaction is to applaud her will to evolve, to expand, and above all to emerge victorious. The first episode premieres this Monday on the Catalan public channel at 10:10 p.m., to be available on the 3Cat platform, and on Tuesday the season premieres on Rtve Play, which also produces the fiction.

Clotet takes as a reference an experience that is supposed to be close to her: motherhood, which even reached the media level when Leticia Dolera dispensed with her services in Perfect Life when she became pregnant. The parallels with her reality become even more inevitable when it is verified that Marcel Borràs, her partner in real life, also acts as her spouse in fiction.

Like Mariana and Samuel, they are two cosmopolitans who left Barcelona to offer their children a healthier environment, away from noise and surrounded by nature. They believe in free education, they want to be more involved in school and he even takes a leave of absence to dedicate himself to parenting while Mariana focuses on her career. But, despite selling the facade (cracked to the naked eye) of having everything under control, his life is chaos.

Samuel is tired of carrying the baby. Mariana calls before returning home because she doesn't want to find the children awake. The eldest daughter, who hates the move, bites her classmates. And, determined to have an exemplary life, they become obsessed with the Swedish mother who lives on the same street. Why would she leave Sweden considering that they do have a welfare state there that helps families?

Això no és Suècia contrasts all the elements that can lead to despair when caring for children: new age parenting theories, the current exaltation of motherhood, the proliferation of online manuals and advice, an educational model in a constant testing phase. , a system that hinders family conciliation or the difficulty of prioritizing the emotional well-being of children and at the same time imposing limits.

Clotet, who shares the role of creator with Daniel González and Valentina Viso, is accurate in x-raying motherhood and fatherhood with realism and irony, confronting the public with a mirror that is uncomfortable because of what it reveals about society and generous in offering a way of exhaust. Això no és Suècia is an audiovisual translation of that pressure that we impose on ourselves as parents in an environment that offers thousands of often unwanted inputs and that leads us to want to redefine the process of caring for and educating children.