The most personal side of Ana Mena, everything you didn't know about one of the singers of the moment

Ana Mena is undoubtedly one of the singers of the moment.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
28 March 2023 Tuesday 04:48
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The most personal side of Ana Mena, everything you didn't know about one of the singers of the moment

Ana Mena is undoubtedly one of the singers of the moment. A few days ago she released her new studio album called Bellodrama. After five years without releasing a record, the artist returns with a record work that she has made slowly and that includes different musical styles. For this reason, the singer will go to El Hormiguero tonight to talk about her new album with Pablo Motos.

The malagueña has also been in the spotlight after reports of an alleged romance with her partner, he is also a singer Abraham Mateo. A piece of news that both have been in charge of denying during these weeks.

Although she is one of the singers of the moment, since she has accumulated millions of listeners and views with a large part of her repertoire, Ana has also been able to play different artistic branches in all these years of her career.

Possibly when you hear the name of Ana Mena only her career as a singer comes to mind. But the woman from Malaga long before beginning her career in the world of music, she worked as a model and actress. At just 13 years old, she had the opportunity to work with Almodóvar in the film The Skin I Live In. In it, she played the daughter of Antonio Banderas and Mena has always told how anecdotal it was to go through all the castings until she got the role.

Another of her great moments in the world of cinema was playing Marisol in the biopic that was made in 2009. In the film she was able to show that dancing and singing at the same time was something that was in her blood. She also participated in the Antena 3 series, Vive Cantando, in which she was able to perform a musical performance.

The singer since she was very little showed her passion for music. The band La oreja de Vang Gogh was one of the first groups that the artist was obsessed with as a child and it was one of the first records that she acquired. But the first time she sang she did it by the hand of Niña Pastori.

One of her favorite songs has always been Hotel California, and according to her, the song has it all. She has also confessed on several occasions that she is open to doing different musical styles, such as trap or rock.

The artist declares herself an unconditional fan of her mother's food, the traditional one, but she is also one of those who eats tacos without any problem. One of her favorite dishes is cheesecake, but if she had to stick with a gastronomy, the one she would choose would be Italian.

Ana leads a healthy life and for this she does sports and has a balanced diet. To achieve this, in addition to eating well and all kinds of food, the actress can boast of having a garden installed in her house in Malaga.

Ana Mena is very versatile, she is willing to do whatever she sets her mind to, but one of the things she hates the most is getting up early. Also when she gets up the first thing she does is look at her phone. But what she likes the most is to be happy and make others very happy. And it is that the singer does not need much to be happy and she sincerely believes that the key to success is that you do not mind getting it.

Her passion for Italy is so great that in addition to being a famous singer there and having a long musical career, Ana assures that her favorite word in Italian is Amore Mío. What scares him the most in this life are elevators. The artist has confessed on several occasions that she is claustrophobic and that she never rides in an elevator.