The History of Baccarat – from ancient times to the internet age

The History of Baccarat – from ancient times to the internet age

Recep Karaca
Recep Karaca
16 November 2021 Tuesday 18:15
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The History of Baccarat – from ancient times to the internet age

The history of Baccarat casino games goes back to the medieval era when it was supposedly invented and in which Tarot cards were initially used. According to the most famous version of the origin of baccarat, this game was invented by the Italian Felix Falguere. Further, in 1490, the game appeared in France. Interestingly the Italian provenance did not hinder the game from spreading out quickly in France, where the aristocrats considered it elitist leisure.

Nowadays, the game is very popular, especially on the web gambling resources, so you must not be an elite or “Bluebeards” to try your luck in it.

Baccarat online is very affordable, and it is easy to find an online gambling site with entertainment in the range (check on Baccarat GURU, for example). Moreover, since the time the game has acquired a lot of variations, which, among other things, was influenced by its vague origin, since despite the prevalence in France and the version about Italy, it also exists in Spain but under a different name — Punto Banco.

Currently, the casino mainly plays a variant known as mini-baccarat or punto-banco.

The essence of Baccarat

Baccara is a card game where players strive to score as many points as possible using 2 or 3 cards. It is very simple to play baccarat. The user just needs to choose, bet on the player, the banker, or a draw. You will also need to determine the size of the bet; the dealer does everything else. He deals the cards and, depending on the points scored, the player or the banker wins. The number of points must be as close to 9 as possible to win.

In short, your goal is to guess who will score several points closer to 9. You can

bet on anyone, not necessarily on the player. The player and the banker are just symbols.

Initially, 2 cards are dealt with the player and the banker. But depending on the circumstances, the third card either will give up or won't. To remember these conditions is the only trouble in the rules of baccarat.

The principle is similar to blackjack, but there are differences. For instance, there cannot be an excess in Baccarat casino games.

Main Rules of Baccarat

Before you start to play baccarat, it is strongly recommended to study how Baccarat online is regulated. Baccarat’s rules assume 8 decks of cards, each worth less than 10 at face value. 10s are worth 0, while aces are worth 1. The suit doesn't matter. The game starts with the player placing bets. 3 options - player, banker, or draw. After the bets have been placed, each player plus the banker receives 2 cards. For instance, if 2 cards were 7 and 8, the total amount would be 15, but the score would be 5. The scores range from 1 to 9, and brute force is impossible.

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