The HBO Max movies that we recommend for the week of March 27

Not a day goes by without Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney, Apple TV or Movistar updating their movie catalogue.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
27 March 2023 Monday 23:06
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The HBO Max movies that we recommend for the week of March 27

Not a day goes by without Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney, Apple TV or Movistar updating their movie catalogue. We can choose between action, drama, terror, comedy, adventure, documentary, musical... although it is difficult to get it right with so many films. So that you do not miss out on so much content, news and premieres, we recommend five titles that you cannot miss this week of March 27.

Finalizada el 15/07/2019. . Reparto:Holly Taylor,Tequan Richmond,Willow Shields,Alex Lange.

Becca is a 16-year-old girl trying to adjust to her new foster family. When strange things begin to happen around her, she will try to discover who or what causes them...

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Finalized on 07/28/2019. . Reparto: Essie Davis, Jessica Barden, Ann Dowd, Sam Reid.

On a remote Australian island, three Catholic nuns, the last sisters of the Order of Saint Agnes, live in autarky, forgotten by all in a ruined monastery. When a young priest makes an appearance for him with ambitions to resell the property, each is shaken by their faith and his passion. An epic and fantastic tale of faith, love and redemption.

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Completed on 07/10/2 . . . . Cast:Shadi Mar’i,Adam Gabay,Noah Kooler,Lior Ashkenazi.

Story based on real facts. The series follows Simon, a terrorism investigator from Israel, who searches for answers after the murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir. A series of terrible events that occurred in the summer of 2014 forever changed the lives of Jews and Arabs.

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On broadcast. . Cast: James Alexander, Rolanda Marais, Ed Stoppard, Trix Vivier.

The threads of three stories weave together in a sophisticated action-packed thriller that spans the length and breadth of South Africa, colliding explosively in Cape Town in a violent conspiracy involving organized crime, diamond smuggling, state security, the Black Rhinos, the CIA and an international terrorist. plot..

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Cancelled, last broadcast on 08/09/2019. . Cast: Carla Gugino, Elena Anaya, Michael Aronov, Gaite Jansen.

Thief Daisy "Jett" Kowalski has just been released from prison and is forced back into whatever brought her there by a group of eccentric and dangerous criminals.

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Cancelled, last broadcast on 03/20/2019. . Cast: Benjamin Wadsworth, Benedict Wong, Lana Condor, Maria Gabriela de Faría.

It follows a disillusioned teenager who is recruited into a high school for assassins. Upholding his moral code while surviving a cutthroat curriculum, vicious social cliques, and his own adolescent uncertainties can prove fatal...

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Finished on 12/08/2019. . Cast: Kathryn Hahn, Jackson White, Owen Teague, Cameron Boyce.

Comedy that explores the impact of pornography on the internet and social media. The series centers on Eve Fletcher, a divorced woman who reinvents herself to find happiness and sexual fulfillment, and hers, her college-age son Brendan.

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Ended on 07/26/2020. . Cast: Jaime Valero, Antonio Resines, Inma Ochoa, Sergio Martínez.

Xabier Zurita is a Basque notary who looks like a Basque notary. His life is as gridded as his shirts. Single, he doesn't seem to ask for more from life than the small pleasures of his routines. But everything changes when he receives unexpected news: a tumor that grows in his head will kill him in less than three months. Overwhelmed by the news, Xabi is unable to share it with his friends and makes the first unpredictable decision in his life: he packs his suitcase and heads for Benidorm. The place where his happiness was fuller than ever. The place where he met, on his end-of-study trip, his first and only love: María Miranda ..

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On broadcast. . Cast: Marta Martín, Saida Benzal, Brays Efe, Itziar Castro.

After many years without seeing each other, Hache and Belén meet again in Malasaña, the hipster neighborhood of Madrid. The two friends from Parla, a municipality on the outskirts, try to survive in a world that is completely foreign to them.

Consult more information about By H or by B.

Finalized on 12/27/2020. Direction: Daniel Sandu. Cast: Alexandru Papadopol, Cristian Bota, Adriana Titieni, Medea Marinescu.

Two operatives joke about manipulating traffic to rob a bank's armored car and end up being forced to do so. All the institutions they ask for help want to carry out the theft and take a part.

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