The British press launches the first rumors of estrangement between Meghan and Enrique

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the brink of divorce.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 May 2023 Wednesday 04:59
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The British press launches the first rumors of estrangement between Meghan and Enrique

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the brink of divorce. At least, it is what is rumored in the British press, which has returned to speculate with the comments and theories about the alleged distance that would exist between the Dukes of Sussex. The Sun newspaper published an "exclusive" over the past weekend in which various sources confirmed that the youngest son of King Carlos III would have not just one, but two "hotel rooms to escape" when problems come to the family home. .

According to the aforementioned publication, discussions between the couple are frequent, and it is common to see the prince staying in one of those rooms, belonging to one of the main hotel chains in the world, in Montecito, California (USA).

His second option seems to be even more exclusive, since it would be accommodation in a private club in Los Angeles, San Vicente Bungalows, where the duke would stay after going to practice sports at Barry's Boot Camp, close to said accommodations. The diary claims that the duke would qualify the place as an "escape site", though he doesn't say exactly what he would be escaping from.

Nor do they explain why the prince would have to own not one, but two spaces to himself, as if his current residence did not have enough space for the two of them and their two young children. The mansion in which the couple resides has 1,734 square meters, 16 bathrooms, nine bedrooms, a private pool and some of the most luxurious gardens in a privileged location in the Montecito region. A house that, according to The Times, cost them almost 12 million euros.

According to The Sun, there would be another detail that would indicate that the Sussexes' marriage might not be as idyllic as at the beginning, and that is that none of them made any mention on social networks of their fifth wedding anniversary. Of course, the newspaper does not mention that the couple has not used social networks for a long time.

They also echo the statements of Samantha Markle, sister on the father's side of the Duchess of Sussex, who told the GB News program that she had "seen signs" that Meghan and Harry were close to divorce. Her evidence, her sister's lack of loving gestures towards her husband at a basketball game a few weeks ago. Some tests that, given the bad relationship of the sisters over the years, rather fall on deaf ears.

The relationship between Meghan and Enrique has been the subject of criticism and comments from the British press since day one, even by the British royal family itself, confirmed by Prince Enrique himself when he was promoting his memoirs.

For many, Meghan is responsible for the prince's bad relationship with his family, for having moved away from the United Kingdom, for having published his memoirs; sort of an expert at handling a puppet with the face of the Duke of Sussex.

Basically, the rumors will persist as long as there are people who consider that Meghan Markle is not "right" for Prince Harry, despite the fact that they have been married for five years and are the parents of two children, Archie and Lilibet. Until they confirm it, everything else is pure speculation.

A situation that others cannot help but compare with the one experienced with the Duke of Windsor and the American Wallis Simpson, who experienced a similar derision at the time. Her condition of being twice divorced from her and Edward VIII's intention to make her her consort caused a constitutional crisis that led to Edward being forced to abdicate the British throne in 1936, changing the history of the country.