Tense confrontation between Belén Esteban and Kiko Matamoros at the presentation of 'Ni que fuerámos Sálvame'

'It's not like we were Sálvame' has offered its first press conference.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
13 May 2024 Monday 05:19
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Tense confrontation between Belén Esteban and Kiko Matamoros at the presentation of 'Ni que fuerámos Sálvame'

'It's not like we were Sálvame' has offered its first press conference. With the premiere of the new 'Fabricantes Studio SL' program scheduled for next Wednesday, May 15 at 4:00 p.m., the audience has already been able to learn some details of the so-called 'Nuevo Sálvame', which is separated from its origin in Mediaset Spain.

Spectators have embraced the proposal of Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid, those responsible for the format, through social networks and the use of the chat available during their live presentation through the streaming platforms YouTube and Twitch.

The anticipated debut of 'Ni que fuerámos Sálvame', the presentation of the new format was marked by a confrontation between two of its most prominent collaborators: Belén Esteban and Kiko Matamoros. This Monday, the Quickie channel witnessed the first confrontation between the two, revealing tensions that could influence the development of the program.

The event, close and relaxed, was marked by a warning that did not go unnoticed: Kiko Matamoros, one of the most beloved and controversial collaborators of the program, did not hesitate to express his determination: “I plan to go after whoever I want.” . His words, direct and forceful, resonated in the room, making it clear that the 'Ni que fuerámos Sálvame' team is not willing to censor itself or restrict its opinions. This statement, although drastic, reflects the firm will to maintain total editorial independence and speak openly about any topic they consider relevant.

Despite the proclaimed independence, the program team has made it clear that they have no intention of starting a war with anyone. Belén Esteban, another of the prominent figures in the cast, assured that they have “no orders to go after anyone.” However, his partner Matamoros did not hesitate to reiterate his position: "If you do not give me that freedom, I will close the door and give you all a kiss," he warned, making it clear that he is not willing to compromise his integrity for any chain or platform.

In this context, Matamoros emphasized the importance of offering an authentic and unfiltered program: “I think viewers want to see a program without censorship, without restrictions, where everything is talked about openly. And that is precisely what we are going to offer you with 'Not even if we were Sálvame.'"

The program, led by presenter María Patiño and directed by David Valldeperas, promises a freer and more uninhibited approach than its predecessor on Mediaset España. "We began this adventure much more free than we were before, the format allows us to do so," said Valldeperas in the presentation, highlighting the new creative freedom that will characterize 'Ni que fuerámos Sálvame'.

María Patiño confessed her excitement at being a streamer for the first time, while Lydia Lozano highlighted her enthusiasm for the project. However, it was Belén Esteban's emotional statement that captured attention, expressing her enthusiasm for returning to the program and working with her teammates: “It's going to be 'Sálvame' but in the wild. We come with great desire and with great enthusiasm. "I have a hunch that tells me it's going to turn out well."

Although the absence of Terelu Campos and the possible incorporation of Kiko Fernández in a few weeks was confirmed, everyone fondly remembered Jorge Javier Vázquez and the moments shared with him. With this start marked by confrontation, it remains to be seen how this dynamic will affect the development of the program in the coming weeks.

Although they have confirmed that for the moment they will have the absence of Terelu Campos and Kiko Fernández - although the latter may join the team in a few weeks -, they have all missed Jorge Javier Vázquez and have remembered the good times who have spent with him: “There have been so many years working with so many people that we are going to miss many people.”

Starting next Wednesday, viewers will be able to tune in to 'Ni que fuerámos Sálvame' from Monday to Friday, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. With María Patiño leading the group of collaborators, the cast promises a unique and innovative television experience in all aspects.