'Spellbound' Film Casting Updated by John Lasseter's Skydance Animation

A new animation studio, Skydance, is taking the world by storm with its highly creative works.

Recep Karaca
Recep Karaca
04 August 2022 Thursday 13:50
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'Spellbound' Film Casting Updated by John Lasseter's Skydance Animation

A new animation studio, Skydance, is taking the world by storm with its highly creative works. It is targeted toward creating original stories that inspire the imagination. It has attracted talented artists who have the passion and creativity to create amazing stories. Skydance Animation seeks to touch the audience's hearts as well as captivate them. Series, feature films, and shorts are all created by Skydance Animation in a way that is always original. It seeks to reach and engage an audience made up of all ages. The head of Skydance Animation John Lasseter has created a community of global creatives who are each highly talented and experienced. The headquarters of Skydance Animation is in Madrid and New York.

About John Lasseter

Previously the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar, Lasseter made a significant impact on the two biggest animation studios globally. He pioneered the use of modern computer-generated imagery in animation, and he made big contributions to Pixar's success. Today he serves as Skydance Animation's chief creative officer. Lasseter brings many years of experience as well as a high degree of creativity to this new animation studio. Before becoming the director of Animation at Skydance, he won two prestigious Academy Awards for his work in the animation industry.

The "Spellbound" feature film

A new full-length feature film from Skydance Animation, "Spellbound'' joins the other imaginative works from the studio that air on Apple TV+. "Spellbound" is a fully animated musical that has an original score written by Academy Award-winning Alan Menken. The lyrics were written by Glenn Slater. The movie "Spellbound" is the story of a young girl who sees the kingdom she lives in divided into two, and she sets off to try to break the spell that has so divided the kingdom. Vicky Jensen, of "Shrek," is the director. The film was written by Linda Woolverton, Lauren Hynek, and Elizabeth Martin. Chris Montan serves as the executive music producer. One of the film's producers is John Lasseter himself. Skydance Animation worked with Apple Original Films to make the film available to a wide audience.

The film is about a royal couple who rule the land of Lumbria and have a spunky princess. The Queen of Lumbria is a kind character, and King Solon has an enormous heart. Their daughter is Princess Ellian. The three characters are seeking to save their beautiful kingdom and their own family. The spell that was cast on the kingdom has turned the monarchies into monsters and will send the land into constant darkness. To get the spell broken, Ellian travels to see the Oracles of the Sun and Moon so that her family and the kingdom can be restored.

"Spellbound" casting

The film "Spellbound" has attracted a highly prestigious group of voice artists to bring the characters to life. Ellsmere, the Queen of Lumbria is the voice of Nicole Kidman, an award-winning actress from a long list of important films. Lumbria's King Solon features the choice of Javier Bardem from films such as "Dune" and "Mother!" and who also has received prestigious acting awards. Rachel Zegler is from "West Side Story," and she is the voice of Princess Ellian. Well-established actor John Lithgow plays Minister Bolinar. Nathan Lane, from works including "The Birdcage" and "The Producers," voices the Oracle of the Sun. Another award winner, actor Andre De Shields, voices the Oracle of the Moon. In "To All the Boys," Jordan Fisher plays Callan.

Skydance Animation works with Apple TV+ to create several enchanting films, series, and shorts that will air on the streaming service. The film "Luck" is also from the animation studio, as is the animated series "The Search for WondLa." The highly original film "Spellbound" is set to engage audiences of all ages with its dynamic characters and creative storytelling.



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