Sebastián Yatra, without fear of being seen with Aitana: "Living in hiding would be giving it too much importance"

Sebastián Yatra is living one of the best stages of his life.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 May 2023 Wednesday 05:00
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Sebastián Yatra, without fear of being seen with Aitana: "Living in hiding would be giving it too much importance"

Sebastián Yatra is living one of the best stages of his life. Just after the awards season, in which he won two Latin Grammy awards for his latest album, Dharma; The Colombian returns with Vagabundo, the preview of his next work, which is already on the charts.

A professional success that joins the staff, since the artist maintains -allegedly- a relationship with the Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña. A romance that neither of them wanted to officially confirm, but that has been talked about a lot in recent months. However, the Colombian has gone one step further and in his latest interview, given to Vanity Fair, he gives clues about how he is taking all this having so much attention in his love and personal life.

The two artists are trying to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, but have already been caught showing their affection in all sorts of situations. The singer traveled with Yatra to Los Angeles last February, staying with the artist for several weeks and attending all kinds of events, where they did not shy away from being the most affectionate.

Their followers do not stop trying to catch them, but they do not want to talk about it. Yatra, for his part, only admits that "it's just that I'm living everything very naturally", although he doesn't specify what that "everything" is.

The artist insists that he prefers the simplicity and beauty of experiencing things "without exposing them", but "not hiding them either", because "living hidden would be giving too much importance to the media", entering the circle of gossip that he tries so hard to avoid .

An interest in his private life that has not ceased since the beginning of his career, but which has intensified in recent times, since he played yes with Aitana. The artists have been caught traveling in London, going shopping in Madrid, taking a walk in Los Angeles, riding in the artist's car, hugging in a nightclub... Even so, without official confirmation.

Luckily for the Colombian artist, he has always been prepared for it. The "culprit" of it, his mother, who insisted that her son be aware that the path she had chosen involved a public life and she was going to expose herself.

A maxim that he seems to have understood perfectly. The singer does not participate in this obsession with his personal life, but he is not bothered by all those who want to know about it. He continues to live life "naturally": "It doesn't bother me because I'm very calm," he says.

Their relationship is going from strength to strength, despite the lack of confirmation, which is reflected every time we have the opportunity to see them together. Proof of this are their appearances on La Voz Kids, a program for which both are judges and that last Saturday had two exceptional guests: Cosme and Belén, Aitana's parents, who sat in the audience.

A presence that went unnoticed until a great moment came, and that is that Yatra involved the parents of his alleged girlfriend in a "dispute" that he had with Aitana for taking one of the applicants to his team, even going to sit with them among the public.

A fun moment, with Yatra and Cosme Ocaña even holding each other by the shoulders, but which made one thing clear: the love between them is undeniable.