Three months have passed since Joaquín Torres said goodbye to a fundamental pillar in his life: his mother. Since then, Raúl Prieto’s husband has gone through difficult months in which he even considered distancing himself from his partner to avoid causing her pain.

Despite adversity, both the architect and the program director have remained together. After a while without speaking, Joaquín wanted to reveal what his mother’s wish was before she died.

Since the death of his mother, Torres has been involved in a fight to preserve his parents’ legacy after a conflict with one of his brothers. The death of his mother has caused a deep division in the family, which in 2013 appeared on the prestigious list of the 100 richest in Spain, with a fortune of 41 million euros.

The reason behind this is that Verez, mother of five children (one of them died at a young age), was married to Juan Torres Piñón, who was a partner of Florentino Pérez in the creation of the construction company ACS.

Three months have passed since this tense family episode became public. Now, Torres has given an interview to Vanitatis, in which, in addition to updating how this matter is turning out, he has also revealed what was the last wish of his mother, whom he himself asked to leave “quietly.”

“He died with a lot of pain, and in the moment of peace he had he asked me to protect all his grandchildren and to try to recover his belongings, his assets, so that he could distribute it equitably among all his other children and grandchildren.”

“Mom has already lost a son and never imagined she would be in this situation. It was heartbreaking for her; “She preferred to imagine that her son did not exist,” the architect concluded.