After a four-month battle against facial paralysis that forced him to leave his position as presenter on ‘Cuatro al día’, Fernando Díaz de la Guardia has shared an optimistic message with the world. The broadcaster, who initially revealed his condition through social media earlier this year, announced his recovery today with an emotional online message.

“Four months. It is wonderful to smile almost normally again, although there are still other consequences. I think it’s time to value what you have at all times and it’s a shame to appreciate it only when you lose it,” shared de la Guardia, highlighting the importance of valuing health and daily life.

The news of his recovery has been received with joy by colleagues and followers, who have flooded social networks with messages of support and encouragement for the popular presenter. Renowned journalists and public figures have expressed their happiness at De la Guardia’s progress, highlighting his vitality and optimism in the fight against adversity.

Among the messages of support is that of journalist Rubén Pulido, who expressed: “Good luck, Fernando! That vitality that characterizes you will sweep this away, I’m sure. Hug!”. Other colleagues, such as Rubén Sánchez and Hugo Pereira Chamorro, also joined in the displays of affection, highlighting De la Guardia’s strength and resilience in his recovery process.

In addition to thanking the medical professionals who have accompanied him on his path to recovery, Fernando de la Guardia has received expressions of solidarity from his former team in ‘Cuatro al día’. His colleagues have shown their support from the first moment and are now celebrating his victory over the disease.

“I am enormously grateful for all the support and love I have received during these difficult months. My colleagues, friends and followers have given me the strength necessary to overcome this test. Now, I am eager to return to the screen and share my smile with all of you,” declared de la Guardia, excited about the road ahead.

On the other hand, uncertainty surrounds De la Guardia’s professional future, given that “Cuatro al día” recently ended its broadcasts. The program, produced by Unicorn Content, closed its doors on April 5, leaving the presenter’s possible return to television up in the air. However, given this new stage that is opening, his followers are eagerly waiting to see what new project the charismatic communicator will embark on.