'Not even if we were Shhh' starts with a joint criticism of Las Campos

At last the great day has come.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 May 2024 Tuesday 23:05
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'Not even if we were Shhh' starts with a joint criticism of Las Campos

At last the great day has come. The legendary collaborators of Sálvame have returned in front of the cameras with the start of the program Nor that we were Shhh on the Quickie Channel. The former leaders of La Fábrica de la Tele have created a new production company, Fabricantes, with which they have decided to create a new space of the heart accessible to all those fans of the hooligan pink press.

On the channel's YouTube account alone, more than 30,000 people have followed the start of the program, which has stood out for the great attitude of those present on the set. María Patiño, Víctor Sandoval, Lydia Lozano, Belén Esteban and Kiko Matamoros have started with more strength and enthusiasm than ever, something that has made viewers fall in love.

As soon as the broadcast began, the group of communicators publicly thanked all fans, family, friends and colleagues for the encouragement and good wishes they have been receiving in recent days. However, they have not been afraid to say clearly that they are very upset with the Campos family.

Lydia Lozano, María Patiño and Belén Esteban have said that it has hurt them a lot not to have received any message from María Teresa Campos' daughters. Furthermore, Esteban has expressed that, since Carmen Borrego left Survivors, the woman has been completely missing and she has not called him, just as she promised him.

For her part, Lydia Lozano has confirmed that Terelu Campos has not encouraged her for the program that started today and that, as has already been leaked, Alejandro Rubio's mother has received a good offer from Mediaset to present a program.

When Lydia explained that Borrego tried to justify her behavior after returning from the Cayos Cochinos by saying that she is completely "overwhelmed", Belén Esteban responded by throwing a dart at the mother of José María Almoguera: "Not that it was Justin Bieber with him." Haily's pregnancy.

Kiko Matamoros has joined the criticism that the Campos family was receiving, who dedicated some very harsh words to Carmen, Terelu and Alejandra Rubio: ''The Campos universe has surprised me a lot in a negative way.''

Makoke's ex-husband feels completely betrayed by Rubio, a young woman whom he has always defended tooth and nail. ''I have conversations of yours that have been passed on to me,'' he dedicated directly to the collaborator of Así es la vida. At the moment, Matamoros has not clarified the reason for her anger, but has hinted that it has to do with her defense of Makoke, with her opportunistic attitude and with different comments that the girl would have made about the her family