Nicola Peltz denies her "war" with Victoria Beckham, but still does not give her place in networks

In April 2022, life was changing for the Beckham clan.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 March 2023 Thursday 05:47
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Nicola Peltz denies her "war" with Victoria Beckham, but still does not give her place in networks

In April 2022, life was changing for the Beckham clan. Brooklyn, the eldest of David and Victoria's children, married the rich heiress Nicola Peltz, in a spectacular wedding held in Palm Beach (USA). A moment of happiness, clouded by rumors of the alleged enmity between Victoria Beckham, mother of the groom, and her daughter-in-law.

Some rumors that both were in charge of denying at that time, but their actions over the months have only fueled speculation, especially by Nicola, who continues to make her life apart from Victoria. However, the model and actress assures that she has a "war" with her mother-in-law, nothing at all. On the contrary, they get along like never before. She has stated so in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, where she insists that the culprits of this "bad relationship" would only be the members of the press.

The actress says that she is more than fed up with the rumors that insist on confronting her with her mother-in-law, denying for the umpteenth time that there is a bad relationship between the two.

"I have said it a thousand times: there is no war," he insists, emphatically, to the aforementioned publication: "No one wants to write about the good. It is very rare, in reality, be it my life or anyone's; when you know the truth and then you read something totally opposite."

The model regrets that the speculations focus on the alleged bad relationships instead of the good points, and she wishes that they "know her before judging her": "It's horrible, because I would like to respond to each person saying 'it's not true. No It's true. It's not true,'" he explains.

Some rumors that affect him, especially because of how good his relationship and his marriage with Brooklyn are. "When I read things like I never planned to wear a Victoria Beckham dress or things like that it hurts. I try not to, but it's just not the truth." However, despite her good words and intentions, the model continues without making room for her mother-in-law on her social networks.

In one of her latest posts, for example, the model shared a carousel of images in which she attested to having attended the former Spice Girl's parade in Paris, but did not post a single image with the star of the parade, something she called powerfully the attention to his followers.

Nothing to do with the attitude of Victoria Beckham, who not only saw fit to include Nicola in her images of that same event; but to share images of her in one of the few snapshots that the designer publishes on her Instagram account that have nothing to do with her work.

One of the last, a fun and intimate image with her daughter-in-law, both laughing, to celebrate her 28th birthday, which she accompanied by a message in which she wished the best for her on her anniversary.

An interaction that did not go unnoticed by the followers of the actress on social networks, the first in a long time, which confirmed that there were no bad feelings between them.

It's no secret that Brooklyn has a special place in her heart reserved for her firstborn. Being the first to leave the nest, the designer has acknowledged having mixed feelings about it.

"It's all about communication. You're just trying to do the best you can as a parent and support your kids," he explained in an interview on the Armchair Expert podcast a few months ago. What's more, the singer referred to her role as her mother in this new phase of her children's lives, and to adults who are beginning to see what to do with her lives.

"You want them to be happy, hard-working, good, kind human beings. But in the end, you know, kids have to do what they're going to do. You just have to be there to support them and love them."