Nebulossa's original gesture in the legendary Eurovision flag parade

The big night has arrived for Eurovision fans.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 May 2024 Saturday 05:28
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Nebulossa's original gesture in the legendary Eurovision flag parade

The big night has arrived for Eurovision fans. This Saturday, May 11, the grand final of the musical competition will be held at the Malmö Arena in Malmö (Sweden), in which 25 countries will compete to win the crystal microphone. As is tradition, the gala opened with the flag parade, in which all the representatives of the delegations were able to show how proud they are of their flags. Precisely Nebulossa, the duo representing Spain, starred in an emotional moment on stage.

The duo, made up of the married couple formed by the singer María “Mery” Bas and the keyboardist and producer Mark Dasousa, made an appearance on stage walking with a firm step, holding hands and proudly wearing the flag of Spain on their backs , the country they will represent tonight. Once in the center, both gave each other a tender kiss to the cheers and applause of the Malmö Arena audience.

The couple will perform tonight Zorra, the song with which they won last February over the rest of the Spanish candidates at the Benidorm Fest 2024. The duo from Alicante will step on stage to perform their performance in eighth position, after the performances from Sweden, Ukraine, Germany, Luxembourg, Israel and Lithuania, respectively. Estonia will follow.

Mery and Mark are part of one of the most controversial editions in the history of the festival tonight. The last week has been marked by tension, especially this Saturday, when the representative of the Netherlands, Joost Klein, has been disqualified after being involved in "an incident" with a member of the production team.

Added to all this is that Israel's participation in the full offensive in Gaza, as well as the attitude of its media and the country's delegation, has generated protests from several delegations and their artists. Precisely, this Saturday, Bambie Thug, the representative of Ireland, decided to be absent from the dress rehearsal to inform the European Broadcasting Union of a complaint about the pejorative comments made about her by the Israeli broadcasting corporation (KAN).

During the rehearsal of the flag parade this Saturday, three delegations did not come out: Ireland, Greece and Switzerland - something that did not happen in the grand final. In the case of the former, they did not go out to rehearse their number either. Yes, the representatives of the other two other countries did. Nor did France agree with everything that happened. During the rehearsal, Slimane, his representative, interrupted his performance to speak out and ask for peace.

Likewise, Alessandra Mele, who was to be the spokesperson for the votes of the Norwegian jury, announced hours before the start of the gala that she would not finally participate in the contest and was against Israel's participation. Loreen, winner of the last edition, assured that she would not go out to present the trophy to the Middle Eastern country if she won the contest, as traditionally happens with the previous winner of the festival.