Mediaset denies that Pedro Piqueras leaves 'Informativos Telecinco'

Mediaset España is experiencing a period of change.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
22 May 2023 Monday 14:14
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Mediaset denies that Pedro Piqueras leaves 'Informativos Telecinco'

Mediaset España is experiencing a period of change. With the departure of Paolo Vasile, new leaders have taken charge of the project and have decided to change some things to give the communication group a new focus.

After firing several of their best-known faces (Marta Riesco, Alba Carrillo, etc.) and vetoing other public figures (Kiko Rivera, Rocío Carrasco...) the new bosses decided to make a decision that caused a stir on the networks social: put an end to save me.

The news of the cancellation of the heart program caused great discomfort among thousands of fans across the country, who were quick to express their discontent and sadness on social networks, completely monopolizing the social conversation on the network.

When a few days had passed since the news and in the Jorge Javier Vázquez program they had humorously accepted what was coming their way, another 'bombshell' exploded and it was leaked that Pedro Piqueras was leaving the Telecinco News after 17 years giving the news daily.

According to an exclusive announcement by the specialized television outlet El Televisero, the presenter Pedro Piqueras joined the long list of dismissals from Mediaset España and would finish presenting the Telecinco newscast in the coming weeks, coinciding with the end of the television season.

In addition to kicking out Piqueras, the newspaper assured that the new leaders of the chain wanted to make big changes in the news area, both at an editorial level and at a technical, image and sound level.

It was also announced that an attempt would be made to completely remodel the news set of the blue chain, since it needs a clear reform to adapt to the new times and it has to be renewed to give the information in the most modern way possible.

Although this news caused a great social uproar yesterday, Mediaset has confirmed that it is a hoax. Through a brief but concise message, the communication company has denied the information that went around the country and has assured that they will continue to count on the presenter to deliver the news.

''Clarification. There is nothing in this regard that Pedro Piqueras is going to leave Informativos Telecinco,'' they expressed from the communication group to reassure the faithful viewers who have been watching Piqueras narrate the most outstanding events of the day for more than 17 years.