Lucía Rivera reacts to being asked by her ex's new girlfriend, Marc Márquez: "It was about time"

Marc Márquez is in love again.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 04:53
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Lucía Rivera reacts to being asked by her ex's new girlfriend, Marc Márquez: "It was about time"

Marc Márquez is in love again. After a few years in which it seemed that the pilot had lost faith in love, the athlete has once again become excited about a young model named Gemma Pinto.

A few days ago, the young man uploaded a story to his Instagram account, a photo in which he was holding a hand adorned with a beautiful ring, an image that did not go unnoticed by his fans, who began to comment on social networks trying to find out who was the lucky she was dating Márquez.

The journalist of the heart Abel Planelles announced that it was Gemma Pinto, a well-known Catalan model and influencer and, a few days later, Marc Márquez himself was in charge of confirming all suspicions with a beautiful carousel of images where he introduced his girlfriend and showed the trip they had made to Marrakech.

The young woman currently works as a brand manager (brand representative) of a company dedicated to the sale of products to improve personal image and skin care, although she also has a great impact on social networks. She only has more than 80,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Happy, excited and happy, the pilot is going through a great personal moment. Hundreds of fans and followers flocked to the post that Márquez uploaded to Instagram to express their joy at the engagement of his idol and they sent him the best wishes with his new illusion. Many users also compared the influencer with one of the athlete's ex-girlfriends, Lucía Rivera, since they physically resemble each other.

Precisely the daughter of Blanca Romero and Cayetano Rivera has given her opinion on the new relationship of her partner during 2019 and 2020, greatly surprising the followers of both.

''Excellent! Man about time. It makes me happy to see you happy. I like him very much and I'm very fond of him,'' the young writer expressed to the media before acknowledging that he was one of the few ex-boyfriends with whom she gets along well.

''It's funny that you always ask me about Marc's partners. I've been very happy for a long time and I redid my life a long time ago. I think you don't ask him, you don't ask him, he's a bit macho," the young woman reproached the reporters.

Rivera confessed that she is going through a beautiful stage in her life and that she has no need to find a man: "I really like being single." In addition, he confessed that they impersonate her a lot on the Tinder application, something that bothers him greatly.

When the journalists asked her about the relationship between María Cerqueira and Cayetano Rivera, the young influencer responded emphatically that she was not going to get involved in those issues: "You know that I don't talk about private life, I don't talk about mine, imagine the of someone".