J.K. Rowling criticized for her comments about transgender Sutton coach


Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
13 May 2024 Monday 05:09
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J.K. Rowling criticized for her comments about transgender Sutton coach

J.K. Rowling is once again in the center of the media spotlight. The creator of the Harry Potter universe is one of the most popular authors of the last twenty years due to the saga set in the magical world of Hogwarts that has managed to mark an entire generation. However, the British woman has been involved in continuous controversies for some time, almost all of them related to transphobia.

This past weekend, the Harry Potter author once again set social media on fire with her controversial comments about the first trans referee in the United Kingdom and current coach of the Sutton team, Lucy Clark, whom she described as a ''white man, heterosexual and middle-aged.

The British media Daily Mail  published last Saturday, May 11, a news item titled ''JK Rowling is described as cruel for mocking a trans soccer coach by comparing her to a 'white, heterosexual, middle-aged man'''. Given this publication, the writer immediately responded to the article with the following tweet:  ''I didn't compare him to one, but rather he IS one."

The British woman previously told the news outlet that "when I was young, all the football coaches were straight, white, middle-aged guys, so it's fantastic to see how much things have changed." Some words that were highly criticized by hundreds of users on the famous social network.

After the controversy generated, J.K. Rowling continued to defend her position. ''Calling a man a man is not 'bullying' or 'picking on someone weaker.' Transgender heterosexual men are currently one of the most pampered demographic groups that exist, and women have no obligation to applaud anyone who caricatures us," she confessed in a subsequent publication.

The writer's words did not go unnoticed on social networks and many users did not hesitate to respond bluntly to her statements. ''She just calls people what they want to be called. It's basic decency.'' ''Just stop trying to force people to talk and demand that they lie about what their senses are telling them. It's basic decency,'' several users commented.

For her part, the coach of the women's soccer team did not want to remain silent in the face of these statements and stated that she was "living her best life." ''I wake up every day with my beautiful family around me. I laugh every day and I have reasons to look forward to and look forward to. Who is winning in life, the one who is happy and smiling or those who spread hate?'' She wrote on her social media.