Isa Pantoja reveals how her mother explained to her that she was adopted: "I was seven years old"

Without a doubt, the Pantoja family is one of the most recognized in our country.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
08 December 2023 Friday 16:01
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Isa Pantoja reveals how her mother explained to her that she was adopted: "I was seven years old"

Without a doubt, the Pantoja family is one of the most recognized in our country. Everything that happens in Isabel Pantoja's 'clan' is analyzed with a magnifying glass, and that is why the latest statements by her daughter, Isa Pantoja, have not gone unnoticed. The young woman, 28 years old, has given an interview to ¡De friday!, in which she has opened up on the channel about different episodes of her life. One of the topics she has opened up about is the moment she found out that the singer had adopted her. A moment in which mother and daughter had a conversation that the young woman remembered through tears, even confessing what it was like.

There were many topics that Isa opened up about during her interview with the Telecinco program: from her demanding adolescence, through her difficult pregnancy, to her departure from Cantora as soon as she turned 18. But if there was a topic that moved the audience, it was when the collaborator went back to her childhood and made reference to the moment in which she found out that she was adopted. "I was seven years old and a girl at the British school I went to in Marbella told me that she was adopted, I didn't even know what that was," the young woman revealed.

It was then that Isabel Pantoja found out what her daughter had heard and took the step of talking to her. "That same day my mother came to my room and told me that she knew what they had told me at school and that she was going to tell me a story. She told me that I was a beautiful girl, that she came to meet me, and asked me if I went with her, since I was very small and didn't know how to speak... She looked at me, she took me in her arms...", Isa explained about the moment in which Isabel explained her adoption to her.

The young woman revealed to the program that at that moment, the singer told her that she could ask her anything she needed to ask. Isa confessed that "I have never dared to ask her anything that I thought was difficult for her to explain. I didn't want to bother her. For me it was enough to have her." However, there was a question that she wanted to ask him.

Isa Pantoja wanted to know what became of her biological parents. Through tears, the collaborator explained the harsh response her mother gave her. According to Isa, what the artist told her was that "they died in a car accident." "I gave her a hug, a kiss, and went down to see Dulce. I told Dulce that my mother had told me everything and that she didn't want to ask her anything else," she revealed about that moment. Furthermore, today she has added that she continues to think that she "is my mother and I owe her so much...".

On the other hand, Isa also talked about his brother, Kiko Rivera, with whom he does not currently have a relationship. "My brother was the person I loved the most. He was always super protective of me. I loved that he came to pick me up from school. I said that he was the person I loved most in the world," he recalled. "For me, my brother was that masculine figure that I needed," he concluded.

Additionally, he revealed if he wants to meet his biological mother. "If she had tried to contact me when I turned 18 she would have listened to her, but she waited for my mother to go to prison, for me my only mother is my mother," she stated. A most heartbreaking story that she managed to shock the viewers of the program, who were able to get to know one of the most recognized daughters of Spain in more depth.