How safe are Online Casinos in the US?

03 September 2020 Thursday 06:57
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How safe are Online Casinos in the US?

It is everyone’s wish to join an online casino that is safe so that you don’t get on the wrong side of the law or end up losing money to illegal sites. There are very many online casinos in the US and the rest of the world and sometimes it is difficult to be on the site that you feel is safe. It doesn’t feel any good to make a risk on your bankroll on any kind of offshore casino. Legitimate and safe online casinos do exist in a number of states in America.

There are sweepstakes gambling laws that allow you to gamble on real money table games and slots online outside regulated states. In this review we tackle significant risk you might encounter by playing offshore. We also cover some of the banking options you can trust and what you can expect in the games. However, more research has to be done to get the safest and trusted online casino in the US. If you are a US online casino player and are looking for the safest site to play games, then you are on the right page. Casino Gurus will help you to know where to play safe through legal and safe online casinos.

Ways of getting safest online casinos in the US

There are steps we feature in this review that we think can be helpful for you to find a safe online casino site to play games in US. We highly recommend that you use them to be on the safer side. They are as follows.

Research the history of the casino

Once you have selected a particular online casino, the first thing is not to hurry and start creating an account. The best way is to go through forums and dig deep into the history of the site and get every information about it. While digging out information, your main aim is to see if it has issues with making payments to their clients. Also, you looking for complaints users raise in regard to this particular site. You also want to know how long it has been in existence.

The response of users have towards the casino site is very important. A safe site to play games on shouldn’t have complaints from customers concerning payments. It should be a red flag if at all a lot of its users are complaining about payments. You can’t trust such site with your money at all. It can be a new comer in the industry but it is safe, however, there are greater risks in a new online casino site.

Try out on real money online casinos

After we have done the history of the online site, it is now time to start looking out for a real casino to trust them with your money. At this point, we want to see how it feels and also how it functions. You should now search for things that sounds a red flag.

When you are any website, it is easy to know when things are not on track by how the site is presented and operates. If the maintenance of the casino site are sort of broken in design or links, it is an alarm bell that is ringing. You shouldn’t make a risk of trusting it with real money.

Test the games

Testing the games is the third step you need to do. This is a very important part that will help you determine whether the website is safe to play games or not. There are several software providers that power most online casinos. Most of the providers are legit and offer games that are out this world with bonus features. Others are not legit and this is the reason why you need to test the games before you can start playing.

Fake software providers will always have issues of broken or rigged games. This comes at a time when the guardian reported consumers warning over anti-virus software scams. You will also find others that are not working at all. There is no need of making a step forward of making any actual deposit to begin playing at this stage. It is just a trying exercise to see if there is the free play on games before making deposit.

Deposit real money and play some games

It is a risky stage but you want to know how your money is handled. The deposit you make should be the lowest possible. If it is safe, your money will be handled properly.

Test the customer service

This is step is very important and any site that doesn’t provide contact information on how to reach them is not safe. If it has provided the contact information, the next thing is to know if at all the email, contact numbers and the live chat do truly and exist. If they exist, we want to try out if they are working. If they are working, we should contact them and see how they respond to our queries. A safe casino site should have friendly and not harsh customer service, which makes the customer satisfied with the answers given.

Try and make withdrawals

This is another very crucial stage that deals with money and this is the best way to test how safe and reliable it is. At this point we are testing the speed at which the withdrawal takes if it is there. The time it takes for the withdrawal to be effected should be in line with the casino’s time frame they have given, for it to be reliable and safe. Also, the availability of multiple withdrawal options, including cryptocurrency, is something to consider. But you also need to confirm where the US is going with crypto regulations, before choosing it as a preferred mode of withdrawal.

The test should be carried out on different options of banking that include crypto to check on different speeds. Also, try out on slower banking options and see how it gets.

How a safe online casino in US looks like

 The idea of finding the safest online casino is a burning and most common thing in online gambling. It is a major factor that can determine if the casino is reputable or not. Security is of key concern when searching through different casinos. This is because cybercrimes are up, as people continue dangerous online activities.

A safe casino in the US should be licensed so that you can gamble securely. A license should be issued by a reliable jurisdiction of the given state in America. Casinos with legal licenses have transparent policies with many services like customer service, bonuses, promotions, deposits and withdrawals.

It should also have reputable software provider. Some of reputable providers include NetEnt, Microgaming, RTG, PlayTech and many more. Random Number Generator is also another factor that determines the safe online casino site. It ensures that games played are completely on chance. The bonus system be open for it to be trusted and the customer service should be available when needed and attend to customers satisfactorily. SSL Encryption is another bonus feature that ensures maximum security of your online transaction and privacy.