Has Gerard Piqué asked Clara Chía to marry him? A ring of Rabat, the track

The emotional life of former soccer player Gerard Piqué has been a roller coaster in recent months.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 04:55
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Has Gerard Piqué asked Clara Chía to marry him? A ring of Rabat, the track

The emotional life of former soccer player Gerard Piqué has been a roller coaster in recent months. The ex-Blaugrana starred with his ex, the singer Shakira, in one of the most media breakups of the decade, a very difficult situation for both.

The reason why the relationship between the Catalan and the Colombian woman came to an end after more than a decade of love and two children in common was that the businessman had an affair with a 23-year-old girl named Clara Chía, something that Shakira did not could tolerate.

Far from taking the subject discreetly, the singer of Hips don't Lie and Monotonía took out a song with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, the Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53, where she was comfortable throwing darts at the new couple: '' I'm worth two out of 22. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo'', ''Ah, a lot of gym, but work your brain a little too'' or ''He has the name of a good person, Clearly it's not what it sounds like'' .

The song became a complete success and the ex-soccer player was crucified by popular opinion, which took its toll on him after a few weeks. In addition, due to the great social pressure he suffered, Ibai Llanos's friend was hiding his love for Chía, something he could not allow. Knowing that he was facing thousands of criticisms, the president of the Kings League uploaded a selfie to his Instagram account showing that he was excited and in love again and that he was not ashamed of it.

From that moment on, the lovers have been seen in different public appearances, as well as sporting events where they have not hesitated to give each other affection and show how much they love each other.

Shakira's departure to Miami with Milan and Sasha, although it has caused great discomfort to the former player, who harshly negotiated the conditions of the transfer of custody, finally brought tranquility and stability to his new life.

It should be noted that the calm of the Catalan did not last long, since only a month after his arrival in the United States, Shakira released a song, Acrostic, where he sings with his children, something that caught Piqué by surprise and placed him new to the media spotlight.

As shown by the photo that Gerard Piqué uploaded a few days ago, the couple thrives in the face of adversity and they are more in love than ever. During these months, the duo has been the subject of hundreds of rumors and hoaxes, such as pregnancy, anger, breakups, wedding, etc.

Gossip about a possible link between them has once again sounded strong after they went to a famous jewelry store together last Friday. According to some buyers present, the couple arrived at the Rabat store on Paseo de Gracia, where they met. Once there, the lovers went to the Audemars Piguet watch stand, where they spent at least ten minutes looking at different luxury watches.

After making various inquiries and ordering some pieces, a worker asked Piqué and Chía about a ring they had previously bought. Shakira's ex explained that "they were already fixing it," thus referring to the fact that they were adjusting it to the size of his girlfriend's fingers.

This conversation sparked hundreds of thoughts in those present, who wondered if it was an engagement ring or a simple gift that Piqué wanted to give the young Catalan.