Greece's Olympia Dates 'Butter King', TikTok Chef Thomas Straker

A new couple has been the protagonist of international media this weekend.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 May 2024 Saturday 23:27
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Greece's Olympia Dates 'Butter King', TikTok Chef Thomas Straker

A new couple has been the protagonist of international media this weekend. The main figure in this story is none other than Olympia of Greece, who has been known to be in a relationship with chef Thomas Straker. Rumors of a relationship between the two began at the end of last year, however, now both have reappeared together and accomplices during the birthday of the British model Poppy Delevingne.

It was last November when definitive proof came to light that the daughter of Pablo and Marie-Chantal of Greece had put an end to her relationship with Peregrine Pearson, future Viscount Cowdrey. The two had had a romance for three years. The aristocrat was photographed in Paris kissing with actress Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas' ex-partner, while the princess and influencer began to be linked to the renowned chef and tiktoker.

For his part, Straker has recently opened his own restaurant in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London. The young man is known as 'the king of butter', a nickname that arose as a result of confinement due to the covid pandemic, since the recipes that he shared on networks were based on this ingredient.

The alarm bells of a relationship between the two went off when Olympia and the chef, 33, were photographed leaving the princess's house early in the morning. The images caused a stir and a lot of speculation, since Thomas was married to actress Davinia Pownall, who is said to have left his suitcases on the street after seeing the images. It should be remembered that they both have two daughters, ages four and two.

After this media commotion, nothing was heard from the couple again. However, Olympia made headlines again when she attended a social event with Argentine billionaire Martín Pacanowski. The businessman, for his part, belongs to one of the wealthiest and most important families in the Latin American country, where they own the CasaSur hotel chain, in the best areas of Buenos Aires.

It is unknown if Olympia and Pacanowski were a simple flirtation or just an accompaniment. However, this reappearance did function as a smokescreen over the affair between the princess and the chef, which generated so much commotion. Nothing had been known about the romance between the two until on Poppy's birthday, they were photographed again in a very romantic attitude.

In the images that have recently come to light, Pablo de Grecia's first-born daughter and the cook kiss passionately in the middle of the street. Neither of the two involved seems to care that no one sees them. Thus, both confirm that Olympia is still excited about Thomas and that they do not hide their relationship. We will have to wait to see how this relationship evolves.