Gloria Estefan appeals for international support for Cuba and urges the US to intervene amid unrest

A lengthy caption was posted by the 'Turn The Beat Around' singer to Instagram

19 July 2021 Monday 05:56
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Gloria Estefan appeals for international support for Cuba and urges the US to intervene amid unrest

Gloria Estefan is the latest celebrity to speak out on the recent protests in Cuba.

Cuba is currently experiencing its worst economic crisis for decades. There has also been a resurgence in coronavirus infections, all while it is under U.S. sanctions. Protesters are calling for a change of government in Communist Cuba, railing against food shortages and other necessities.

The three-time Grammy winner took Friday to Instagram to appeal to the United States and other democratic nations to help the Cuban people.

Cuban pop star, born in Cuba, wrote a passionate plea in English and Spanish. He also uploaded a video of demonstrators marching in Cuba. Some clips include footage of people being arrested by police or other acts of violence.

"My heart breaks for the Cuban people and what they have been through for more than 62 years. They are now saying ENOUGH, , the singer wrote. "Despite the beatings and the murders & imprisonments, the abuses de power, starvation & attempted destruction of their spirits!" They require our support and that of democratic and free countries around the globe.

Star continued: "The United Nations and, especially, the United States must strongly condemn the repressive and violent measures being taken against Cuban citizens by their government!" Spread the word, share the images!

Estefan's words echo the ones she said previously in an interview with Reuters, in which she called upon the United Nations to specifically condemn the violence against Cuban protesters.

"I call upon the United Nations condemn the Cuban government's tactics against their people, that violence is being used, that people are disappearing and that they have killed people," the "Turn the Beat Around” singer stated.

Estefan stated that she hopes those in the military and police who do the will of the government will be able to resist and follow their conscience.

She told Reuters that her hopes were that enough people from the police and military would join forces to create a movement that doesn't repress people but stands up for those they are supposed to protect.

In calling for the United States' assistance to Cuba, the star joined other Cuban stars like Bella Thorne or Pitbull.



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