E3 2018 - What to expect from the US gaming festival?

E3 2018 - What to expect from the US gaming festival?

14 June 2018 Thursday 06:58
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E3 2018 - What to expect from the US gaming festival?

It doesn't matter whether you're in the U.S. or not; for many gamers all around the world, the annual E3 Expo is similar to the Christmas Week - there is just so much for them to look forward to!

Sure, you can try out a licensed online casino in NJ for a lot of fun, but for gamers who love consoles, there is nothing like the E3.

And the gaming festival does have exciting offers and promises an entirely different gaming experience.

Gaming has evolved, and the E3 2018 has unveiled a few surprises. For gamers, perhaps the big title for this year is Sea Of Thieves.

The E3 2018 - What To Expect?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, which started as an industry trade show has come up as the biggest online gaming show in the United States and has emerged as a heaven for online gamers.

The E3 is a platform where gaming industry showcases their new content. In this year’s expo too, the companies will announce new gaming titles and obviously create anticipation for what lies ahead.

This year, E3 Expo is expected to bring a lot of excitement and surprises with every industry bringing up something new and different. They are expected to deliver quality gaming on any device.

Phil Spencer, the Executive President of gaming at Microsoft has stated that the market is full of changing technology and therefore the company is constantly changing and thinking about where it can take gaming next. Such remarks are a sign of expected new releases this year at the E3 Expo.

There are a few games that have been confirmed for their convention. Among them there are a good many online games there, from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to FIFA 19, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

What's So Special?

A lot of gaming industries have promised to make this year’s expo an unforgettable experience. Bethesda Studios showcase on its upcoming release can be a surprise for the gamers.

The biggest announcement is perhaps that Microsoft is rumoured to announce a new console that would hit stores nearby you as soon as 2020. Microsoft, while it didn’t confirm the development, has said that the team is ‘deep into architecting’ and gamers can expect something new soon. The company believes that the world of gamers is in an interesting growth path, and one that isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Bethesda has already mesmerised people with the Fallout 76. Another much awaited and anticipated is the PlayStation’s ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’. You can also expect to see more from PlayStation exclusive and evergreen Spider-Man as well as Square Enix.

To add to the excitement of this year’s E3, sources have confirmed that there might be some releases that cannot be thought or estimated beforehand. The annual gaming event might come up with some new gaming hardware as well.

It's time for a lot of fun, excitement, thrill and engagement. E3 2018 has all that a gamer needs.



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