Countdown to the departure of the son of Ortega Cano from the psychiatric hospital after five years admitted

Five years.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 May 2023 Tuesday 10:57
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Countdown to the departure of the son of Ortega Cano from the psychiatric hospital after five years admitted

Five years. That is the time that José Fernando Ortega Mohedano has been admitted to the San Juan de Dios psychiatric hospital in Ciempozuelos (Madrid), where he has undergone therapy to recover from his addictions. A time in which the son of José Ortega Cano and Rocío Jurado has used to fix his legal problems and finish his detoxification treatments, proving to be prepared to start a new life away from the center.

After his departure was delayed for almost two years by order of the judge after breaking the restraining order that his daughter's mother, Michu Rodríguez, had against him; José Fernando's evolution is so positive that the green light will finally be given for him to leave this summer.

For the moment, the 30-year-old has already enjoyed several permits to visit his family, which have not caused any setbacks in his treatments. Some outings in which he has been seen very happy, in the company of his sister Gloria Camila, who goes out of his way with him and with whom he has shared the odd moment on social networks. With whom he has not been seen until now is his father, José Ortega Cano, at least in public.

Who he has not been seen with either is his alleged ex-partner and mother of his daughter Rocío, Michu Rodríguez. The couple has experienced different ups and downs in their relationship since its inception a decade ago, and the last thing that is known is that the woman from Cádiz would have broken up with the son of José Ortega Cano after not being invited to the First Communion of José María, the only common son of the right-hander and his ex-wife, Ana María Aldón.

"My relationship with my daughter's father has just ended. I just found out from the press that it is her uncle José María's communion," the woman from Cádiz wrote on Instagram, visibly upset and ending her relationship with the young man, with whom He had plans to get married and strengthen their relationship.

What is expected is that the media show their interest in what the young man has experienced as soon as he sets foot on the street. As reported by La Razón, José Fernando Ortega would have already received some more than succulent offer from both television and magazines, which could exceed 50,000 euros, so that he can exclusively tell how he has lived it all.

However, for the moment everything seems to indicate that the most immediate plan will be for the young man to leave and settle in Madrid, as his father wishes, and dedicate himself to something related to computing, his great passion.