Another loss in the cast of 'And just like that' for the third season

And just like that it won't have the cast intact for the third season.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 March 2024 Sunday 11:27
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Another loss in the cast of 'And just like that' for the third season

And just like that it won't have the cast intact for the third season. Now that the start date of filming is approaching, the team has had to assume that one actress will not return: Karen Pittman, who played Nya Wallace, Miranda's college professor turned friend and roommate.

The creative team of Michael Patrick King, the showrunner of the series, counted on Pittman: they took his character into account when writing the scripts for the third season. But the actress has two other series in production, the fourth season of The morning show alongside Reede Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston on Apple TV, and Forever for Netflix, and it was impossible for her to be able to film the scenes.

“It has been a pleasure having Karen Pittman play the intelligent and dazzling teacher Nya Wallace in the first two seasons of And Just Like That. Just as we have enjoyed working with this dynamic actress, so have others. Due to their commitments with two other streaming series, it has become evident that filming three series at the same time is not possible,” explained Max, the content platform that produces the series.

At first, Nya Wallace served to update Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), who controlled sociological theories on racism and feminism but was lost in showing naturalness in her daily life. The character had her own conflict: she had a long-lasting relationship, lasting decades, but she was affected by her inability to have children.

Luckily, the character will have said goodbye at a good point: she was chosen to enter the American Law Institute and came out of her love-sexual slump when she met Toussaint, a cook played by Gary Dourdan, the actor known for CSI: Las Vegas. .

This is the second loss of And just like that for the third season. It was announced that Sara Ramírez, who played Che Díaz, a non-binary person who dedicated herself to comedy, will not return either. Max justified the non-renewal of the contract as a creative decision: she has had her character arc and, having broken up with Miranda after having a romantic relationship, it did not make sense to keep Ramírez as secondary.

And just like that is expected to begin filming in May. The scriptwriters have time to erase Karen Pittman's participation and adapt the scripts. Will new actresses join as supporting characters or will the sequel to Sex and the City be satisfied with the three protagonists, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, and the two supporting characters still standing, who are Sarita Choudhury and Nicole Ari? Parker?

And, when the series returns, its name will have changed: HBO Max plans to become Max in the coming months internationally: