Anabel Pantoja forgets Yulen with a soccer player in Mexico

Anabel Pantoja's life is a roller coaster of emotions.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 May 2023 Wednesday 05:00
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Anabel Pantoja forgets Yulen with a soccer player in Mexico

Anabel Pantoja's life is a roller coaster of emotions. After marrying Omar Sánchez, also known as ''el negro'', as she called him, the young influencer realized that she no longer felt the same way and that she was not the man of her life. she.

A few months later, Isabel Pantoja's niece entered the Telecinco Survivientes contest, where in addition to starving and various calamities, she had time to fall madly in love with Yulen Pereira, a young fencer who also participated in reality.

Between cameras and in front of millions of viewers, Yulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja began a sentimental relationship that lasted until a few weeks ago, when Kiko Rivera's cousin came to accompany her aunt on her tour in America and Arelys Ramos's son confessed to her that his feelings were no longer ''so strong''.

The athlete's decision to put an end to the love story they were living together fell like a jug of cold water on the Andalusian, who was quite affected. On the other hand, this action caused a stir in the heart press because rumors began to emerge about the possible reasons that would have led the fencer to leave Pantoja, such as the presence of other women in his life or the influence of his family.

After a few hard weeks, Anabel Pantoja is renewed and positive about whatever comes. She has shown it like this these days, since she has gone on a trip to Mexico with a very special partner who has surprised her followers.

Belén Esteban's friend has visited the paradisiacal country together with a fun group of public figures and influencers, including Alba Carrillo and some former contestants from La isla de las tentaciones. It is precisely with one of the participants in this reality show that Anabel Pantoja has shown herself to be especially complicit. This is Samuel Chávez, former player of CD Laguna SAD.

For seven days, the fun group has shared breakfasts, trips, hours of sunshine and aquatic plans in which Agustín Pantoja's niece has been seen very comfortable with the young athlete.

In addition to some very enlightening photos published by Lecturas magazine, the content creator has exchanged comments on Instagram with Samuel Chávez. As she wrote "I will never forget this week", he commented to her "what you have made me laugh".

The energy boost that the trip has given her is what the influencer needed to finish coming to her senses and move on with her life with a positive attitude and without looking back. With summer just around the corner, Yulen Pereira's ex is ready to enjoy herself and forget about her sorrows.

Despite the hard weeks that she has gone through, Anabel Pantoja has many reasons to smile, since she has great support from her family and friends and is in a good professional moment.