Ana Rosa Quintana, victim of an Internet scam: "Leave me alone now!"

Ana Rosa Quintana is back on her show after nine days of absence.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 04:59
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Ana Rosa Quintana, victim of an Internet scam: "Leave me alone now!"

Ana Rosa Quintana is back on her show after nine days of absence. Last Wednesday she announced her return to Telecinco mornings and explained the last hour of the evolution of her cancer. "I have to report that everything has turned out great," said the presenter after undergoing some medical tests. "Until after the summer I'm calm," she concluded.

But it seems that Quintana's return to The Ana Rosa Program has not been as calm as possible. And it is that she has become the protagonist of a scam on the Internet. The presenter's image has been used to promote a joint cream without her consent.

"Ana, you are the protagonist of the following information," Patricia Pardo began to recount. But before continuing, it was Ana Rosa Quintana herself who wanted to make something clear: "I am at home doing my job. Leave me alone now!" And it is that the presenter has been the victim of identity theft to promote a product on a false website that simulated the portal of the magazine Lecturas.

In this false promotion, the scammers used an alleged interview of Quintana in which he explained that he had cured his joints thanks to a miraculous cream. And that's not all, the publication was reinforced with statements by an alleged doctor and presumably satisfied customers, to give it more credibility. Something that has made the presenter explode live.

A public complaint that will be of little use at the judicial level, according to the presenter. "We are going to report it, but it already happened to us the last time and they disappear the next day," said Ana Rosa Quintana. "I am concerned that someone will fall for this scam because we don't know what this product can do to people," she recounted.

Even so, Quintana wanted to add a touch of humor to the matter. After emphatically stating that he does not promote or recommend any cream, he continued: "I have things that are not right, but my joints are great, I have them perfectly."

Ana Rosa Quintana remarked that everything was a scam to make it clear: "That it is a lie, that it does not exist, that I do not recommend anything, that this man does not exist. It's a scam, don't be fooled."

But it seems that the presenter is used to going through this bad drink. “You won't believe how Ana Rosa changes. We tell you the best secret of her ”. This is how they announced in 2017 a miraculous product to reduce weight through the image of Quintana. The journalist did not hesitate to denounce him publicly, just as she has done now.