Ana Obregón's sister clears up the unknowns about the baby: "You'll see"

The news of Ana Obregón's maternity has been a media bombshell.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2023 Saturday 07:50
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Ana Obregón's sister clears up the unknowns about the baby: "You'll see"

The news of Ana Obregón's maternity has been a media bombshell. The arrival of the new member of the Obregón family has probably become the most talked about news this week in Spain. The actress has opened a wide debate about surrogate pregnancy and also about the age limit to be a mother, and little by little more details about the newborn are becoming known. There are many who point out that this little girl could be the result of the desire to be the father of Ana's deceased son, Aless Lequio. Something about which Celia García Obregón, Ana's sister, has recently wanted to pronounce.

Since it became known on Wednesday, thanks to the cover of the magazine ¡HOLA!, that Ana Obregón has become a mother again at the age of 68 by surrogacy in Miami, different information about it has not stopped coming to light. . How the baby was conceived, if it is true that only her sisters and Alessandro knew the information, who has leaked it to the press... many questions for very few answers.

In the last hours, there is a lot of information that suggests that the little girl could be the result of Aless Lequio's desire to be a father. Something his mother wishes she had done for him. It should be remembered that Carmen Lomana, in a televised conversation with Susanna Griso on Espejo Público, went so far as to say that Obregón "is going to be a grandmother because the pregnant woman has been inseminated with her son's semen." Information that has not been confirmed, but that has caused a stir.

Celia, Ana's sister, has attended the microphones of Europa Press to address the topic of the moment. To the journalists' questions about whether the newborn is the wish of her nephew or her sister, the woman answered ambiguously. "You will see that, you will see that, I am not saying anything," she expressed, hinting that the answer could come soon.

On the other hand, the actress's sister has also denied that there is a bad relationship with Alessandro Lequio, as several media have assured this week when they saw the collaborator somewhat annoyed by the exclusive from the magazine Hello! "Everything is phenomenal, she is a cute person," Celia expressed about her former brother-in-law and father of her late nephew.

As for the people who knew this news, Celia settled the controversy by explaining that "Amalia, Alessandro and I knew it." "My brothers found out when Ana told me that they had caught him, on Monday night, in fact, she sent me the photos that they forwarded to her and told me 'Celia, please, tomorrow morning in the office, talk with Juanchi and Javi and tell them this, I don't want them to find out from a magazine'", reveals García Obregón.

Regarding Javier, who said that he also knew the news, Celia wanted to defend her brother. "The poor guy has been caught, and when you're not used to speaking in these media, you're so nervous that you drop whatever it takes to cut the roll and leave," says the woman. On the other hand, Celia assures that she will not travel to Miami because her sister "is going to stay there" and that "we already know" the baby, since they usually make video calls.

"I understand your work and I am very sorry to run away, but there is nothing to say, on the contrary, what must be said is that it is not talked about anymore. With everything that is falling, that the only thing that is talked about Be that as it may, it's kidding," said Ana's sister, who assures that the situation is becoming unsustainable, since only this news is being talked about. It seems that for the moment we will have to wait for Ana herself to speak to find out more details about the newborn.