Alessandro Lequio attacks Tamara Falcó again: "She is destroying herself as a character"

Alessandro Lequio does not give a truce to Tamara Falcó.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 May 2023 Tuesday 11:02
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Alessandro Lequio attacks Tamara Falcó again: "She is destroying herself as a character"

Alessandro Lequio does not give a truce to Tamara Falcó. Since a few days ago the wedding dress firm Sophie et Voilà announced that it was ending its relationship with Isabel Preysler's daughter for "contractual breach", Ana Obregón's ex has been very critical of the El Hormiguero collaborator.

The dress brand released a statement in which it explained that Falcó had in mind a dress that belonged to another company and another designer and that from his workshop they could not "cross certain limits that would endanger the original authorship of the design." This made Íñigo Onieva's girlfriend very angry, who denied that she wanted to copy any suit and accused the firm of leaving her "composed and without a dress."

A few days ago, Alessandro Lequio defended on El Programa de Ana Rosa, a Telecinco space where he collaborates, that Tamara Falcó "is not the silly girl we see on camera" and that she was not a victim in this situation.

When it came to light that it would finally be the well-known brand Carolina Herrera who would dress the future bride, Lequio made a controversial comment that did not go unnoticed on social networks. ''It will be interesting to see how the chosen design hides those roundness, something that the dress she was working on with the Basques did not do,'' he said, later assuring that it is a real concern that Falcó has.

In today's program, Lequio has once again 'put tares' on the businesswoman after seeing how she has returned from New York, the city where the first face-to-face meeting to prepare her wedding dress took place.

On this occasion, the collaborator has jumped when they talked about whether or not it was ethical for the firm to pay Falcó a specific amount for wearing one of her dresses, since as it became known after finalizing their agreement, the socialite was going to win 150,000 euros for wearing a Sophie et Voilà dress.

After showing his disappointment with the latest actions of the future wife of Íñigo Onieva, Alessandro Lequio has launched a reflection that has caused a stir on the set of Ana Rosa Quintana.

''Between one thing and another, I think Tamara's wedding is going to be the worst deal of her life. She will bill a lot, but she is destroying herself as a character (...). In recent years, she has become a very likeable character. But in recent months, she has become a lianta, a person who puts billing before anything else, "said Aless Lequio's father forcefully.

The Marquise de Griñón will go through the altar and say 'I do' with Íñigo Onieva next Saturday, July 8, in a beautiful ceremony at the El Rincón Palace, a farm that she inherited when her father, Carlos Falcó, passed away.

Among criticisms, controversies and disagreements, Tamara Falcó is going through a very stressful few weeks, since she wants to close even the smallest detail and leave everything ready to have one of the best weddings in history.