Nacha Guevara has always been a free spirit and difficult to decipher. Although she is one of the most acclaimed artists in her native Argentina, the woman is very famous internationally because she had to go into exile. As a result of this, she lived in other countries such as Peru, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

Throughout her career, the singer and actress has shown her ideology openly and has positioned herself politically on countless occasions, something that has taken its toll on her more than once.

Although he does not participate in as many projects today due to his age, Guevara continues to connect with thousands of people through his social networks, especially through his official Instagram account. The singer, known for some of her versions such as Don’t cry for me Argentina or The dark swallows will return, has accumulated more than 373,000 followers on her pink network profile, a figure that hundreds of content creators in our country dream of.

With her publications, the artist gives her opinion on certain topics, remembers some of her most iconic moments in the history of pop and shares moments with family, friends and colleagues.

For a few days now, a part of a recent interview by the actress has become very popular on social networks. In this video you can see how Guevara speaks openly about her mother figure, a woman who never made things easy for her and who gave her a very bad time.

”I had a very difficult mother. Sometimes you are born to a person who is not good. That’s hard to accept. There are people who are not good and have children. “That can happen to you,” the singer declares in the piece. When the interviewer asks her if she could reconcile herself with that feeling (or with her mother), Guevara responds bluntly: ”It was impossible. A person who committed, as Borges says, the worst of sins: she was never happy. And someone who is never happy… makes everyone around him unhappy.”

Nacha Guevara felt very comfortable in the conversation with the communicator and confessed that she would have liked to set limits earlier because her mother was an “abuser”: “Because if your mother abuses you at ten years old… (you can’t do nothing), but if your mother when you are 50 or 60 years old continues to mistreat you, it is no longer your mother’s problem, it is your problem. So there was a moment when I said ‘this is it.'”

The artist’s words have sparked a massive wave of support and empathy online: ”At 17, I cut ties with my parents. It was the best decision”, ”Only those who live this can understand it”, ”Thank you for these words”. ”How wise, how much truth”, ”As such, we must accept that there are bad mothers, let’s not look for explanations or justifications”, ”How healing it is to listen to this very wise Nacha”, etc.