A Guide to the Best US Poker Sites for 2019

A Guide to the Best US Poker Sites for 2019

26 February 2019 Tuesday 18:47
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A Guide to the Best US Poker Sites for 2019

As the popularity of online poker in the United States is growing, we are constantly on the look-out for the next big portal that promises to provide us with a fair bit of prizing money as well as all sorts of the game's versions. Legislation in 2019 is promising to be far more accommodating, though, which will hopefully expand the pool of operators readily accepting US players.

If you are looking to find the best US poker sites in 2019, we can start you off by providing you with the essentials and detailing the specifics of what makes each website memorable and important in their own right.

Legality Is Not at All a Problem

Presently, if you want to play "legally" in the United States, you can do this at any website that is hosted in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. These are the only three places in the United States where you can revel in the game and play it to your heart's content without facing any restrictions. 

With this in mind, the best (offshore) poker sites encompass the entire country with a few minor exceptions. Keep in mind that any website hosted in the aforementioned states doesn't offer its services to unregulated states, though.

You have a number of respected brands, which are classified as "offshore card rooms", meaning they don't hold a license from a state's gambling commission, but could as well be licensed elsewhere, which gives them the legal backbone and integrity to cater to US customers.

But all legal bickering aside, there has been quite a bit of progress with the US' card rooms merging their activities to create a more beneficial ecosystem.

How to Find the Best Poker Sites in 2019?

To identify the true gems out there, you can always act off of review and recommendation sites such as https://www.onlinepokeramerica.com/best-us-poker-sites/ where they’ll have a selection of the best US poker sites. But to develop the keen insight for spotting the top-places yourself, we will present you with a few guiding principles that will help you find your way.

We hold reputation and licensing to be of particular significant in establishing the credentials of a poker venue. Reputation can be easily researched using publicly-available sources only. All card rooms that cater to US gamers are always discussed on a number of forums where players openly express their dissatisfaction if there is reason for such.

It's easy to pick a top brand today, as world renown operators are entering the country. 888, one of the best picks you can enjoy on the US market, has wrapped an important deal, granting it 100% ownership of the All American Poker Network.

PokerStars to Enter Pennsylvania

PokerStars, the poker subsidiary of The Stars Group, has been expanding in Europe and bringing out technologically advanced delightful solutions, such as Virtual Reality (VR) poker, and is now planning to drop in Pennsylvania alongside other companies that are benefitting from the newly-legalized online poker in the state.

The addition of a fourth state will allow more players to share in common prizing pools and play for even more substantial awards, a goal that will put the focus on fully legalizing the industry.

Have You Checked the Bonuses?

One of the strongest incentives when visiting a website is what sort of bonus they will provide you with. Most iGaming operators tend to hold on to the money to the very last possible minute, but card rooms are far more likely to release the bonus in increments. As soon as you have reached a certain level, you are eligible to claim your winnings – whether you re-invest them in gaming or just cash out, it's up to you.

A good welcome offer can provide you with the starter's capital to succeed at a card room. Don't let the sums distract you though. Whatever the stated amount of the promotion, you will need to do your own due diligence or consult with a review from a trusted authority source.

Of course, a smart gamer would know how to avoid the mouthpieces and take into consideration those write-ups that offer a well-balanced article revealing everything there is to know about a specific operator.

Banking Should Be Quick and Simple

When looking for the best poker sites in 2019, make sure to check the banking facilities. What cashing out methods are available to you is paramount for your convenience when playing at an online card room. 

Most commonly, the best card rooms will let you deposit & collect using credit and debit cards. Depending on the state you are based in, though, there may be slight difficulties inherent to the deposing methods.

That's why a smart gamer will always make sure to peruse the banking section at length before making any significant commitment to a website. Another distinct trait of poker websites in 2019 will be the heightened use of cryptocurrency, which will guarantee that all transactions are cleared quickly and smoothly.

Moving to the Mainland

The offshore poker industry will continue to shrink as fully-licensed companies shape up in the United States.  If we can use the offshore sports betting, following the dropping of PASPA, as an example, then it's worth noting that fully-licensed websites will take precedence.

While the offshore industry has a lot to offer and has earned itself an iron-clad reputation, the benefits from fully-legalizing the activity are quite easy to comprehend. Of course, the legal challenges that lie ahead are quite substantial.

With opponents to poker such as Lindsey Graham, the industry is very likely to undergo profound changes in 2019. Seismic shifts have occurred on several occasions in the past few years and the fights are not quite finished.

In the meanwhile, you will have to continue and rely on the reputation of the established card rooms while keeping in mind to do your own due diligence. If you are ever in doubt, you can follow up with a recommendation. And lastly, if you happen to live in one of the three lucky states, you'll definitely not be in a shortage of great choices.

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