During the summer season, there are those who find it a little more difficult to design interesting and stylish outfits. And one of the big keys to achieving this is knowing how to play with accessories. Since these will be the ones that will add to a look that touch of sophistication that it needs to not be boring or too simple. This is where summer jewelry comes into play. Although some of them are maintained year after year, others change each season according to the different trends that are imposed.

Summer jewelry differs because it usually has more varied, creative and even larger designs. After all, they seek to attract more attention and thus reinforce the looks. In addition, they are characterized by colors related to the era, from light ones, such as beige or white, to the complete opposite: colorful and vibrant tones. The designs also vary, with more natural shapes and animals, especially related to marine flora and fauna. However, it is worth highlighting five of the summer jewelry trends for this season.

Although ties were already very present during the first months of the year, this will not change during the summer. Although, on this occasion, they will be part of the brands’ bijouterie and jewelry catalogue. A good example of this are these pearl bow-shaped earrings from Zara. However, they can also be found in pendant format.

Shells are a staple in summer jewelry, repeated year after year. It is not surprising, since they are easy to combine, fresh and sophisticated designs, with which to achieve a more polished touch in a look. They can be found in a large size, which captures all the attention of the outfit, or as smaller and simpler pendants and necklaces. There will also be no shortage of earrings and bracelets.

Another trend in costume jewelry and jewelry for this summer are cord pendants, which add a more bohemian touch to outfits. Something that can be seen, for example, in this Desigual design, which shows a silver heart next to a cord, instead of a chain.

Few pieces of jewelry are more summery than those full of colored stones or beads, perfect for adding a more youthful and vibrant touch to outfits on the hottest days.

On shirts, on dresses, on blouses, on t-shirts or even on accessories, like a bag. Summer brooches or pins are perfect for dealing with high temperatures in a better mood.