Educational Options in Sharjah: Here's What You Need to Know

Educational Options in Sharjah: Here's What You Need to Know

05 June 2018 Tuesday 07:54
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Educational Options in Sharjah: Here's What You Need to Know

So you're moving to Sharjah. Congrats! There are many perks to living in Sharjah that you and your family are sure to enjoy, including a close-knit community, local dining options, nearby activities, and a variety of residential options. One of the most important things you may be wondering about is education. Whether you have a preschooler or a college student, Sharjah offers a variety of educational options for expat children living in the area. Here's what you need to know.


When you move to Sharjah, you'll need to register your child in the school of your choice. Understand that you may need to fill out an application in order for your child to attend a specific school. Many schools do have wait lists, so it's best to apply as early as possible. Your child may be required to take a test in order to enter a specific school, so contact the schools you're interested in. You'll be able to arrange any testing or interviews that may be required for admittance.

Educational Choices

Regardless of your child's age, it's important to select a school that fits their individual needs. With an assortment of choices in Sharjah, you're certain to find something that both you and your child feel satisfied with.


Sharjah boasts an assortment of nursery options for younger children. With a nursery or preschool program, you'll be able to ensure your child is getting the best start possible on their educational development. Nursery and preschool programs are designed to help your child begin to develop socially, as well as intellectually, so consider a variety of choices as you make your selection.

Primary Schools

The right primary education can help set your child up for a lifetime of success, so make sure you select a primary school you feel confident about. Primary schools in Sharjah may vary in curriculum, scope, and focus, so don't be afraid to reach out to schools you're interested in and schedule a tour or request more information. You'll also be able to discover when testing occurs and whether your child needs to schedule an interview in order to be admitted to a particular school.

Secondary Schools

If you have a child who is ready to start college, Sharjah can be a satisfying place to live. There are an assortment of colleges and trade schools in Sharjah designed to help your child reach their full potential in the business world. Additionally, many schools also offer Arabic, so if your child wants to develop their speaking and listening linguistic abilities, this could be the opportunity they're looking for.

Ready to discover more about your educational options in Sharjah? Visit Aljada's website to discover more about this housing community and its educational benefits. You'll be surprised at just how many wonderful options you have when it comes to selecting a fantastic school that will meet your child's personal and educational needs.

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