Cost of Studying Abroad in Europe

Cost of Studying Abroad in Europe

08 October 2019 Tuesday 13:54
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Cost of Studying Abroad in Europe

Have you always been fascinated by Europe’s ancient charm? Have you often wondered where Western culture was born and why? Have you always admired those who contributed to the social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, beliefs and political systems that make up our heritage? Do you want to Study in Europe, but you’re worried how much it would cost? This is the article for you!

Living in Europe – a dream come true

Europe is and has always been the birthplace of what we know as Western culture. This ancient continent has nurtured some of the most brilliant minds. Many intellectuals have moved to Europe in search of wisdom and inspiration, and this is where they found it. Europe has many things to offer: open-mindedness, architectural marvels, history and food. However, the very thing that defines Europe is DIVERSITY, which makes it the ideal place to study.

Travelling around Europe

The first thing that springs to mind is obviously the cost of living and studying abroad in Europe. The choices are infinite, but you want to make sure you’ve considered a few things in particular. It would be best to focus first and foremost on choosing a university rather than a country. Don’t forget that one of the main perks of Studying in Europe is that countries are close to each other and travelling is fairly easy and affordable. You could end up spending a weekend in Paris, popping to the British Library for a day of research, strolling around Vienna, or munching on a pretzel in Munich. Travelling and discovering is part of your education, and it’s very easy to do. Europe is suitable for all kinds of budgets. However, most importantly, choose what you want to study at the best university and set up your future career.

How much will it cost?

In large parts of the world, university tuition fees continue to be on the rise. Many people think that obtaining a recognized degree at home or abroad is simply an impossible task without a scholarship or an almost unlimited budget. You will be glad to know that this is not the case in Europe. There are plenty of European countries where students can study at very affordable costs. All you have to know is where these study destinations are.

American universities in Europe

There are many reasons why you should enroll in an American University, either for an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate Master’s Degree. Let’s check out the main reasons why international students choose American Universities in Europe.

  • Campus life: Each university has a prosperous student life. School activities, seminars, conferences, debates, as well as extra-curricular and sports activities. Art clubs and associations all provide opportunities to socialize, make friends, and develop new skills. American Universities in Europe welcome students from all around the world. You’ll be able to immerse    yourself in different cultures and have an experience you will never forget.        
  • Career-oriented: American Universities in Europe have extremely efficient systems when it comes to career plans. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of independence.

Universities in Switzerland have something extra

People don’t know much about Switzerland because it’s a discreet country that isn’t keen on self-publicity. It is, in fact, one of the most exciting and safest countries in the world. As you may know, Switzerland is a neutral country; there is no risk of applying to a university attached to a political ideology. Switzerland is the perfect balance between excellence and culture. The country has three official languages (French, German, and Italian).

Franklin University Switzerland

The perfect balance between excellence and experience. What’s so special about Franklin University Switzerland?

First of all, degrees are accredited in the United States and prospective American students can apply to Franklin University Switzerland through the common application.

It is close to Lake Lugano and a town that modestly bears the name of Paradiso! It’s not a spa or a health resort – it’s Franklin University Switzerland.

It is an American-style university, the only one in Switzerland. As such, it offers a broad area of study: about 40% of your work must be in one major subject, such as political science, art history, or international management. Courses such as intercultural competencies, global engagement, and social responsibility are on the timetable, as well as a whole series of study trips all over the world. You will experience a cross-cultural student life while working on the foundations of your bright future

Franklin University Switzerland cares a lot about its alumni’s independence. The stereotype of the authoritarian professor is torn down and students are treated like adults. Let’s face it, most students have no idea how to deal with the real world once they’re off-campus for good. Franklin University Switzerland makes sure it properly prepares its students to face the challenges of the world, encourages them to engage with the world and produces critical thinkers who are culturally literate and ethically aware.

Franklin University Switzerland is grooming the leaders of tomorrow.



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