Are Online Essay Writers Legit?

19 September 2019 Thursday 06:24
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Are Online Essay Writers Legit?

There are two types of jobs. The first one is illegal and is rather risky. People feel nervous daily when dealing with such activities. They risk losing their salaries, get problems with the law, and acquire a bad reputation. The second one is legal and brings a regular income. To get such a job, one has to present a portfolio, good sample papers, and get approved during the interview. It is not a simple thing but possible for true professionals. 

Highly-reputable agencies hire only experts who have proper qualifications, were best at college, and presented high-level sample papers. Such companies do not want to get some troubles with the law because they spend pretty much on website development, salaries, and advertising. 

How a Person Becomes a Professional Writer

Students get lots of homework to do. They conduct research, experiment, try to think of new ideas and some innovation to reflect it in the paper and make it worthy for the college or further productive investigation.

They do not deal only with one assignment. They handle lots of tasks to become professionals. Soon it becomes their habit and they realize that they like it. Experienced students start performing academic research quicker and manage to succeed in each, even the most difficult, task. Later academic writing turns out to be the thing they can perform perfectly. There are many websites where a person can post a CV. If a person has an excellent reputation, supreme sample papers, and a recommendation letter which gives positive characteristics, custom writing service will ask him or her to become a writer. 

Reputable agencies never deal with writers who were bad at college and have no idea of how to write college assignments. They take care of their reputation. Clients must be sure that their homework is in good hands. They might ask questions and deserve to get the right answers. Only skillful writers can help students achieve better results in studies. First, they become perfect assistants and soon even best friends. 

Students are to be careful when selecting a writing agency. Some of them can turn out to be cheaters, Still, fake companies are easy to recognize. A client should just regard five basic indications. 

  1. Writers are ignorant.

  2. Online consultants can hardly answer questions and give details.

  3. The website is difficult in navigation and its URL address is too long.

  4. There is no official data like phone number, email address, certificates, etc.

  5. Sample papers are plagiarized or have many mistakes and poor formatting. 

What Is the Difference Between a Good and a Bad Writer?

It is so hard to select an executor among thousand companies which offer similar things. Generally, writing agencies promise high quality, quick performance, confidentiality, and low prices. They usually present portfolios of their writers and suggest choosing the one a student likes best. How not to make a mistake? What should a customer pay attention to? Here is a table of bad and good writer comparisons.  


Good Writer

Bad Writer


High degree (Bachelor, better Master’s )

Zero degree


Performs tasks of any complexity and offers to view free samples

They write essays of concrete types, set limitations, and have no free samples (or those are of low quality)


Knows all college requirements like formatting and demands for all essay types

Asks about details of formatting like spacing, font type, etc. 


Full (CV, recommendation letter, sample works, feedback, etc.)

Incomplete or looks suspicious (testimonials sound not real, there is no concrete data about education and writing experience)


Has performed many works 


Moreover, one should pay attention to the organization where a writer has published a resume. It must have a user-friendly website, real comments of customers, sound pricing, real deadline limits, official URL address, and qualified online chat. 

So, Are Custom Writers Legit?

A person who graduates from college turns to a company, impresses the employers in the interview, and gets a job. His or her salary depends on the number of performed works per month and quality. A writer has an official bank card and receives payment for each ready paper. Nobody would like to work hard and receive nothing. Consequently, a person needs some safeguards. In this case, writers get the contract, bring it to their lawyers to see if a contract protects their rights, and only then sign the document. Does it sound legal? Yes, it does. 

By the way, each writer also signs a confidentiality agreement and has no right to post a customer’s paper somewhere or resell it. This agreement lets all the customers feel safe when asking someone from a professional writing service to ‘write me an essay online’. It guarantees plagiarism-free custom-written essays. 

Our writing service has already helped hundreds of students improve their college grades and reputation and continues assisting those who need it. Our writers do their best to become better because due to that they get bonuses and have a chance to increase their salary. The best writers become popular among students and get more orders. They are not afraid to lose their job because our company appreciates experts and their contribution to the creation of a spotless reputation.

Online writers do not differ much from regular ones. In the epoch of high-speed Internet and great online programs, one can write orders sitting at home and feeling comfortable. A proper environment increases productivity and lets a person decide when to work. Some people hate working in the morning but are full of inspiration at night. Freelance job makes it real. Students get their papers on time and writers like their job and correspond to demands.



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