5 European Universities for Studying Abroad

5 European Universities for Studying Abroad

24 October 2019 Thursday 10:12
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5 European Universities for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to interact with students from different cultural backgrounds. Prestigious European universities accept students from different parts of the world. This boosts your chances of making connections to help you advance in your career. As you know, networking is an important part of establishing yourself in the job market.

If you get the opportunity to study at a European university, don’t think twice. You’ll not only enjoy world-class facilities but get the best training as well. The best part is you can still access E Writing Service in Europe.

Here are the top 5 European universities you should consider.

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1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities in Europe. This institution dates back to the 13th century. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, with the largest library in the UK. As a student at this university, you can be assured of unlimited resources. The library houses more than 10 million volumes, and even as an avid reader, you couldn't possibly read all these books in one lifetime.

The University of Oxford is more than a university because it also has museums and art galleries. One of the Museums is Ashmolean, the oldest museum in the United Kingdom. The art galleries houses masterpieces from well-known artists like Picasso, Turner, and Michelangelo.

2. University of Cambridge

Like the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge was also established in the 13th century. This is one of the largest research institutes in the UK. The institution accepts applications from students across the globe.

The institution will allow you to interact with students from different backgrounds. This way, you learn excellent communication skills. Remember that to secure a high paying job, academic performance is not the only thing employees look at.

Studying in Europe gives you the opportunity to network, and you might even end up working in the UK. If you love to travel and seek adventure, Europe would be the perfect place to seek employment. Besides, the work ethic here is flexible, allowing you to have a social life separate from your professional life.

3. Imperial College London

Who wouldn’t want to study in London? It is a globally recognized city andwith good reason. Imperial College London is suitable for students who want to specialize in sciences, business, medicine, or engineering. This is the only university in the UK that focuses specifically on these fields.

The institution’s research department is world-class. You’re bound to graduate from Imperial College London as a well-trained professional. The institution attracts excellent students from more than 120 countries across the globe.

4. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

ETH Zurich is an institution of higher learning that specializes in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology. It is popular because it is the same university Albert Einstein went to. The institution has established itself as an international university, and a large percentage of the students are from abroad. 

5. UCL

Last but not least, we have UCL, which is known to be the very first university in Europe to accept students regardless of their religious beliefs. It's an entirely secular university to strictly focuses on the academics of each student. The main campus is in central London, but it has satellite institutions as far as Doha and Qatar. 


Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. Studying in Europe ensures you study in a prestigious institution of higher learning. Take your time to choose the university that best suits you. Remember to have a good time and not focus on your academics alone. After all, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world while you pursue a degree.



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