The surprise that Madrid taxi users can find today

This Tuesday, April 23, is not just any day.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 April 2024 Wednesday 05:18
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The surprise that Madrid taxi users can find today

This Tuesday, April 23, is not just any day. Book Day is celebrated today. Although it is a deeply rooted festival in Catalonia, where Sant Jordi's day is also commemorated with the exchange of roses and books between loved ones, in other parts of Spain this literary celebration is also experienced with enthusiasm. In Madrid, an initiative by taxi drivers has added even more magic to the day, giving away books to their passengers throughout the day today.

Passengers who get into a taxi in Madrid today will be able to find books of various literary genres and for different ages in the pockets of the seats or on the sides of the doors. Under the motto 'Some tell you stories, we give you stories', this initiative aims to bring culture closer to its clients with incentives such as being able to find copies dedicated by authors such as Blanca Sissa, David García Marín or Sara Traver.

The selection includes stories and youth books for the youngest and romantic novels, poetic prose or crime novels for the rest of the users. Customers will be able to choose a book, the one they like the most, and take it home. The promotion will be available while supplies last, so it is a unique opportunity to enjoy reading for free.

Regarding the dedicated books, passengers will be able to find Yoga for children and Claudio the little bird who learned to fly, by the author Blanca Sissa; Once Upon a Broken Heart, by David García Marín; or Good Night Family, by Sara Traver.

The head of Tele Taxi Madrid, Marcos Rodríguez, points out that this initiative aims to promote reading among taxi users and celebrate this day with them by attracting culture and facilitating the meeting between our clients and some great authors of different genres. “This initiative shows that the Madrid taxi is always present on such important days,” Rodríguez remarks.

Users who wish to share their experience on social networks and show the best photos with their books can do so using the hashtag

For its part, the Madrid City Council has also organized various events and book fairs in different neighborhoods of the city. Neighbors, neighborhood bookstores and municipal boards of the 21 districts will come together to organize several book fairs. These fairs offer a varied program designed to bring reading to all ages. There are activities such as storytelling, writing workshops, public readings, theatrical shows, live music, games and puppet shows.