When a person has a problem with their vehicle, the most logical thing is for them to go to a mechanical workshop to have professionals take a look to detect what is wrong and be able to fix it.

However, as in all jobs, there will always be people who think that they have the final say and who believe that they can give advice and comment on the work of others with knowledge of the facts.

The proliferation of social media has also contributed to this situation. Videos proliferate on YouTube about people who fix their vehicles with homemade tricks that make them look perfect and look easy.

Fed up with this situation, a mechanical workshop has proposed a series of special rates for people who do not let them work, as user Daniel Almansa, or @danalavac, has published on Twitter.

On the poster you can see how by “looking” an extra 10 euros is added to the base of €34 per hour that the workshop charges for fixing the car. Furthermore, if you look and “give your opinion” it will be another 15 euros more to pay.

As many people may be tempted to fix the problem on their own, “if you have been fiddling around” you will have to contribute 25 euros, and if it is done “and you don’t tell me” then another 40 euros.

Finally, the owner of the establishment provides the most expensive extra for people who tell him that they saw what he is doing on the Internet “and it was very easy.” In this situation it would be 60 euros more on the bill.