The Most Common Parts of Zippers That Break - Zipper Pulls

The Most Common Parts of Zippers That Break - Zipper Pulls

24 August 2020 Monday 11:31
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The Most Common Parts of Zippers That Break - Zipper Pulls

The specific style of zipper you will buy should be based on its specific use or purpose. This means that the application you have in mind will help you determine the right zipper that matches your needs.

All zippers have several important components, including the slider, teeth, tape, bottom and top stops, and pull.

But out of all these different parts, the zipper pulls are known to be ones that break most often.

What are Zipper Pulls?

In case you don’t know it, zipper pulls are actually very important to the overall anatomy of a zipper. A zipper pull is just what its name suggests. The zipper pull is the specific part of a zipper that pulls the slider down and up the track of the zipper teeth. Zipper pulls are available in different types with specific different uses. These include the following:

  • Cord Pull

This zipper pull is made of cord that is often attached through the slider’s crown then attached at the tip with a piece of metal or plastic. Cord pulls are commonly seen on camping gear and rain jackets.

  • Chain Pull

This is a type of zipper pull that features chain links, typically metal. The end of these pills can have jewels as well as other elements. Chain pulls are often seen on the high fashion items.

  • Paracord  Pull

Paracord pulls are zipper pulls made using paracord then braided at the tip. These pulls are made for strength and durability. You will most likely see these pulls in camping gear.

  • Tape Pull

Tape pulls are pulls made from some kind of fabric and are attached to the upper part of the slider with a separate piece. These fabric pieces hang down in the two separate strands wherein on strand is cut diagonally. A tape pull is often seen in aesthetic pieces or purses although their durability is better compared to other pulls.

  • Self Knot Leather Pull

These are leather made pulls looped through the hole to form a knot with a dangling peace of leather. Simply put, you can picture it as a belt that is very lengthy. The belt’s tail is like that of a leather piece that dangles in the pull.

  • Braided Leather Pull

These pulls are also made of leather and are composed of leather strands that were braided together. This is a type of pull that you can usually see on leather and they also serve aesthetic purposes.

  • Leather Pull

Leather pulls are pulls made of leather that comes in various sizes and shapes. These are commonly used for bags also made of leather. The pull is primarily for aesthetic purposes and you can also see them in fashion oriented carry items and backpacks.

  • Tassel Pull

These pulls are composed of fabric pieces that hang down to form a tassel. These pulls are primarily for aesthetic purposes.

If you need high quality zipper pulls for replacement needs, make sure you buy them only from the most reliable zipper suppliers.



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