The load does not fit in the car and they adopt this surreal, illegal and dangerous solution

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 September 2023 Wednesday 17:25
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The load does not fit in the car and they adopt this surreal, illegal and dangerous solution

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. And this is the case that concerns us here. The scene, which could well belong to some comedy film, was recorded in the Girona town of Roses and has been shared on the social network X (formerly Twitter) by the motoring platform SocialDrive.

In the images you can see how a vehicle is transporting what looks like some gray boards or a kind of kayak. However, the package is so long that it does not fit entirely in the trunk or by folding down the backrest of the rear bench. A good part protrudes from the back and so that it does not fall during the journey, the protagonists of the story consider that the best solution is that while one is driving, the other runs behind holding the object.

This way of carrying objects in the car is not only illegal but also compromises road safety. Beyond the fine it may entail, it poses a risk to road users. Article 14 of the General Traffic Regulations determines that the load transported in a vehicle, as well as the accessories used for its conditioning or protection, must be arranged and, if necessary, secured in such a way that they cannot drag, fall completely. or partially or move in a dangerous manner.

They must also not compromise the stability of the vehicle or produce noise, dust or other nuisances that can be avoided. When they are carried on the outside, they must under no circumstances hide the lighting or light signaling devices, the mandatory plates or badges and the manual warnings of their drivers.

The regulations indicate that the load carried in vehicles not exclusively intended for the transport of goods may protrude from the plan projection of the automobile at the rear by up to 10% of its length, and if it is indivisible, by 15%. In these cases, the V-20 sign must be placed to alert other road users.

This sign is a square panel, measuring 50 by 50 centimeters and having diagonal and alternating stripes of white and red. If the size of the transported object is less than the maximum width of the vehicle at the rear (including the rear-view mirrors), a single V-20 sign will be placed (at the end of the load and perpendicular to the axis of the vehicle). But, if the load protrudes longitudinally, occupying the entire width of the vehicle (including the rear-view mirrors), the car will have to carry two V-20 signs at the rear, placed transversely at each end of the merchandise in such a way that they form a “ V” inverted.

In the event that the load covers the license plate or rear lights, it will be necessary to place a lighting device and an additional license plate outside the load. Likewise, when the vehicle circulates between sunset and sunrise or under meteorological or environmental conditions that significantly reduce visibility, the load must also be marked with a red light. When the load protrudes from the front, the signaling must be done by means of a white light.

It is important to remember that whenever possible you should carry the entire load in the trunk, below the tray so as not to limit the driver's rear visibility. No object should be left loose inside because in the event of an accident or sudden stop it becomes a projectile that can cause injuries.

The German automobile club ADAC showed the danger of carrying loose packages in the passenger compartment with several crash tests. And he recorded it in a video in which you can first see how the cargo hits the occupants in the event of an accident, while then the increase in safety on board is demonstrated with the suitcases and other objects well placed and tied. .