The essentials that you should take in your motorhome or camper for a perfect trip

Packing your suitcase to travel in a camper van or motorhome is not the same as packing it for a plane trip, to go to the beach for a weekend or to the countryside for a week.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
26 March 2023 Sunday 00:05
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The essentials that you should take in your motorhome or camper for a perfect trip

Packing your suitcase to travel in a camper van or motorhome is not the same as packing it for a plane trip, to go to the beach for a weekend or to the countryside for a week. In this case, the most important thing is not where we go, nor how many days. Caravanning is synonymous with freedom and enjoyment, but it is also a lifestyle in itself that poses some challenges and requires a certain level of planning. And therein lies part of its appeal.

Every motorhome lover knows that to travel by road you always have to be prepared to face any type of unforeseen event, but there are also certain aspects that can be controlled before going on a getaway. For this reason, in addition to preparing and thoroughly checking our vehicle to check that everything is in order (from the engine to the tires, including the lights and equipment), we will have to be clear about the regulations that affect us wherever we go. and, for example, where we can or cannot sleep.

But it is also convenient to have our documentation prepared and up to date, in addition to the paperwork of the vehicle. We cannot forget to think very carefully about what we are going to take and how we are going to place it so as not to compromise the safety of the vehicle or exceed the weight limits.

We must keep in mind that we have a small space, but at the same time it is the one where we are going to live. So, how to carry only the essentials, without giving up certain comforts? Knowing how to choose or prioritize is not always easy: the key is to make practicality our maxim.

To save time and headaches every time we travel, it is best to always reserve a fixed space in our camper for those accessories that we consider essential.

In these "must" we include chocks, starter clamps, an auxiliary battery, a water bottle and an oil bottle, an internal one, scraper and snow chains if we are in winter season (or we are going to move through areas with cold climate ), a basic kit of tools, and some blinds and/or parasols to preserve our privacy. If they are insulating, better.

Also hygiene essentials such as gel and shampoo (solids take up and weigh less), some towels (better microfiber), sheets, a blanket, a collapsible trash can or garbage can and liquid or WC tablets, a hose or shower kit outside if we do not have a complete bathroom and basic first-aid kit, among others. And all well kept for safety.

Another recommendation is that, whenever possible, we must ensure that the accessories that we carry in the vehicle have a double function, especially in the case of camping trips. But beyond the basic equipment for our survival, it is highly recommended to make a list of what personal things we are going to take to travel with the maximum possible comfort.

In this sense, a very useful and simple trick is to make a template to fill out and keep it saved for when you need it. These are some of the personal things that cannot be missing in your suitcase, although depending on your hobbies and travel needs, you may have to add or subtract:

We should not associate going on vacation or getaway with neglecting food. In addition, we have to take into account that depending on the destination of the trip we will not have at our disposal a place to eat or buy food at all times. Luckily, motorhomes and camper vans make it easy for us to eat almost like at home.

Even in the smallest we can take a gas cartridge cooker and an electric fridge, which will be enough to bring the basics or some food prepared from home. Don't forget at least one pan and utensils that are as light as possible and that don't tend to break (steel, methacrylate, hard plastic... there are countless options).

You can also take some cans of preserves, bread, nuts, fruit, oil, vinegar and seasonings such as salt or pepper. If you are a coffee lover, don't forget a small coffee maker (you can choose between a traditional Italian one or more modern gadgets). If not, take your tea and/or infusions, bottled water and some of your favorite soft drinks or drinks with you.

During the trip there will be time to find a store or supermarket to replenish stocks and for an emergency many gas stations will also serve you, but these basics can always get us out of trouble.

Last but not least, make room for a folding hammock, a flexible awning with its protector for good weather and folding outdoor furniture that is easy to clean and store: these types of accessories will make the experience round.

In addition to all of the above, if you have a full tank of fuel before leaving, prepare your favorite music and some pre-established routes on the GPS, you will save time that you can use to enjoy your trip and your camper with the maximum guarantees. possible.

As in everything, experience is a degree. So the first list or template you make to keep track of your luggage will probably not be the final one. From each trip, in addition to infinite memories and experiences, you will always take some valuable learning that will help you for the next one.