Retail And 1SHIFT Logistics: Simple Solutions To Big Problems

Retail And 1SHIFT Logistics: Simple Solutions To Big Problems

07 mart 2019 Thursday 01:15
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Retail And 1SHIFT Logistics: Simple Solutions To Big Problems

Missing items, delivery delays, and package tracking are among the aspects that are the bane of retailers, and that’s going to change soon if 1SHIFT Logistics, a platform developed by LiteLink Technologies has its way.

When your item comes off a truck, the transport isn’t the only part of logistics. It’s not a straight line; the minute you order, an entire complex chain that includes both supply management, necessary warehousing and fulfillment and transport is triggered.  

The logistics industry has always been a little behind-the-times, and little has been done to automate--most of it’s been done manually.

“We have seen the telecom, cable, and auto industry transform, but the logistics industry has always lagged, said Ashik Karim of LiteLink Technologies.

We plan  to improve this industry with technology with satisfied customers, drivers and shippers. Everyone wins with better technology. Our desire is to be a part of this logistics technology evolution, that drives efficiencies to an industry that needs it in a bad way.”
1 SHIFT logistics automates the typically manual features such as delays and payment. The product works on desktops and on trucker mobile phone eliminating the need for drivers to get involved in long discussions regarding route, delays and payments.

It also offers the capability by lane to quickly understand the market, review historical pricing information, partner ratings, and current factors such as fuel prices, weather, and backhaul capacity to make informed pricing decisions real time.The platform places emphasis on usability, transparency, trust, and efficient automation. Innovative payment solutions extend to digital wallets to help support honest and transparent logistical applications.

Karim elaborated on this trend, “Just as retail customers are able to track their parcels, companies come to expect to know exactly where their shipment or truck is at any given time.  GPS and vehicle tracking mechanisms make this highly precise and reliable. The industry will shift from not only providing traceability and real-time tracking, but will demand increased driver privacy, less mobile data consumption, and more intelligence on re-routing capabilities overall.”

Clients that can particularly benefit are retail shippers, carriers, truckers, and logistics brokers.

How Small and Large Operations Benefit from a Transparent and Immutable Solution

Streamlining operations in this way does more than add peace of mind. It opens up new opportunities in efficiency, fine-tuning operations, and offers insight for all parties involved.

Essentially, transparency and immutability decentralizes the available input. While regulatory tools become more powerful, so does the different perspectives along the supply chain. This happens, in part, because the entire process is open for observation. The other aspect is knowing and investigating logistical histories that are essentially set in stone. Efforts that were once spent on determining the validity of the actions along a supply chain can now be fully focused on finding better solutions.

AI paired with an immutable digital ledger makes the most out of security and operability. Biometric fingerprints can be used with advanced algorithms to improve both the security of a system and the user experience. It enables a one-touch KYC verification. AI algorithms can be applied to cognitive searches.

This ushers in new thought models, improved analytics and predictive statistics, as well as, further improves supply chain interactions for all parties involved. In other words, new technologies solve large industry problems quickly and efficiently.

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