Renting a motorhome: prices, rental companies and other useful tips

Motorhome tourism is here to stay.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
22 May 2023 Monday 15:14
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Renting a motorhome: prices, rental companies and other useful tips

Motorhome tourism is here to stay. More and more people are deciding on this option when traveling compared to more traditional alternatives such as beach apartments, rural houses or hotels and other types of accommodation that do not provide as much freedom of movement and are usually subject to to schedules, even to eat.

The growing popularity of this type of leisure vehicle is reflected in an unprecedented increase in the demand for motorhomes in our country in recent years, especially in the rental mode. One of the key factors behind this trend is price. And it is that, although owning a motorhome can offer greater comfort and flexibility when traveling, it also implies a significant outlay. Not only for the purchase of the vehicle itself and its equipment, but also for taxes, maintenance, inspections and insurance, among other expenses.

To situate ourselves, and although the exact figure will depend on the model in question, to buy a new five-seater motorhome to travel and sleep, well equipped and with a bathroom, we start with an average budget of between 55,000 and 65,000 euros (about 45,000 in the case of a used motorhome in good condition).

On the other hand, renting one can compensate more, depending above all on the type of motorhome we choose and the time of year we want to travel. For example, renting a simple profiled motorhome with space for four occupants can cost between 90 and 100 euros per day in low season (even less), between 100 and 120 in mid season and easily exceed 150 euros per day in high season.

If we go to a Capuchin motorhome with space for up to six occupants to sleep, the bill rises to about 140 euros on average starting per day in low season and will be around 180-200 euros per day in high season. The final price may also vary depending on the rental company and the length of the rental.

To the above, we must add other expenses inherent to this way of traveling, such as fuel costs, the costs of camping in private motorhome areas or campsites, food, and other possible extras, which depend on the planning of the trip.

Therefore, and using the numbers, motorhome rental is an alternative that will compensate, above all, those lovers of caravanning who have not yet decided which is the most suitable vehicle for their needs, for those who can barely enjoy a few days of getaway (once or twice a year) or for those who just can't afford to buy the RV of their dreams.

By the way, this alternative allows you to gain experience driving a vehicle with these characteristics, and try several before deciding which one best suits your needs.

In addition to the services of dealers and companies specializing in motorhome rental and leasing, there are more and more apps and websites that make everything very easy so that all you have to do is enjoy the road without worrying more than packing your suitcase before leaving. get out, plan the route and collect and return the vehicle at the beginning and end of the trip. Some of the most popular and best valued by travelers are:

Leading platform in Europe that facilitates and insures the rental of motorhomes between individuals, it has more than 7,000 vehicles available and is present in several countries.

In addition to offering a wide variety of campers and motorhomes for rent, this platform includes the innovative "Roadsurfer Spot" service, or the 'Airbnb' of camping for motorhomes and campers in the hosts' private spaces.

Platform with more than 6,000 motorhomes and camper vans for rent in more than 70 countries in Europe, Oceania and North America that, among other things, allows you to combine pick-up and delivery places.

This platform helps with trip planning and vehicle advice and has a large number of collection points in Spain.

In addition, you will find similar ones such as Motorhome Republic, Cooltra, World Wide Campers, Campanda or Auto Europe.

Each motorhome rental company establishes its own conditions, but there are some common aspects that it is important to review before deciding on one option or another. For example, the number of kilometers that can be traveled with the vehicle may or may not be limited, and there may be restricted areas of use. In addition, some companies may require a minimum number of nights per rental, especially in high season.

Rental prices generally include excess insurance, and companies reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if the motorhome is not returned in the same condition as it was delivered. It may also vary if bed linen, kitchenware, gas bottles or other items are included in the rental price.

Renting a motorhome can be very rewarding, but there are certain aspects to take into account before embarking on the trip so that the experience is as safe as possible.