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Product Review: The Stand-Mounted Guarneri

Product Review: The Stand-Mounted Guarneri

31 July 2018 Tuesday 09:43
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Product Review: The Stand-Mounted Guarneri

This Italian brand of handcrafted speakers and headphones are world renowned for their quality and performance. The company was founded in 1983 and last year they launched a series of Homage Tradition loudspeakers at the World of McIntosh Townhouse. The presentation of this new line of speakers included:

  • The floor-standing Amati
  • Serafino
  • The stand-mounted Guarneri

These high-quality speakers were each showcased in a room structured to bring out the best of the speakers Audio prowess. The Guarneri stood out from the rest and below are the reasons why.


The Guarneri has an elegantly lute-shaped cross-section which was a homage to 18th-century Italian violin makers. The speakers also have curved sidewalls which are laminated with several thin sheets of wood. They also have titanium-colored aluminum panels at the top and bottom. This design masterpiece also features a black felt at the bottom where it joins to the stands. The front of the speaker has a SonusFabers traditional grille of stretched threads and a baffle finished in leather.

This high-quality speaker also features current and unique speaker technology from SonusFabers. The two speakers; a tweeter and woofer are mounted in-line with hard rubber that is outlined with aluminum. The speaker also features Damped Apex Dome technology (DAD) which can also be found in SonusFabersLilium and Il Cremonese models. The woofer is loaded with the company’s Stealth Ultraflex System to produce a more pleasing sound and audio output.

Sound Quality

For any audiophile, the stand-mounted Guarneriwill prove to be a very pleasant device to use. The speakers produce a colorful reproduction of every song.Each track maintained its own acoustic fingerprint. The sound output was clear and better than anything I’ve ever come across. It is truly a paradox how SonusFabers delivered this gem in a world full of generic speakers and headphones.

Get yourself this high-quality speaker and marvel at the genius of this Italian brand!



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