Prepare to Move to Another Office Space Months in Advance

Prepare to Move to Another Office Space Months in Advance

09 February 2019 Saturday 18:46
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Prepare to Move to Another Office Space Months in Advance

As your office space lease comes to an end, you need to prepare to move to another location or extend your current contract. If your business is already growing, it makes sense if you move to a different place. You need it to accommodate all your employees. You also want a location that is accessible to everyone. Besides, you now have an expanding business, and you can afford office space in an area where the lease is quite expensive.

If you decide that moving is the right thing to do, you need to ensure that you prepare for it in advance. You still have a lot of things to do. You need to find the perfect location that has everything that you need. You also need to inform your employees about your plans so that they can make travel arrangements for the new workplace.

You also need to start packing your things, and the office equipment and so will your employees. Most of all, you need to inform your current landlord that you are not renewing the lease. Once you finish doing all these things, you will be ready to leave your office space. The last thing you need to do is hire a company for the end of tenancy cleaning London offers so that you will leave the place the same way that it looked when you first moved in. It is your way of indicating your gratitude to the landlord for allowing your business to commence there, even though it is time for you to move on.

The cleaning services will not only include general cleaning but repair services too. You want to restore everything that your employees broke along the way; otherwise, the landlord will see the damage and ask you to pay for the repairs. Since you paid a bond at the beginning of the lease, the landlord can deduct the amount from it.

Not an easy task

Deciding to move is easy, but once you are in the process, you will realise that there are too many things you need to do. Therefore, you need to plan and settle everything before you run out of time. You do not want to panic later when your lease has already expired, and you are still not ready to move to a new place. You might also want to open up discussion among your employees so that those who are unwilling to relocate may consider resignation and find a new job where they do not need to move far. 

A new beginning

When you are in your new office space, you need to use it to maximise your business operations. You want everyone to feel comfortable while working. You moved to a new location to motivate your employees to work hard for the benefit of your business. Do not settle for a site that does not fit your needs because it is cheap. Secure a place that you can be proud of.



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