Office Essentials: 12 Must Have Products That Every Office Needs

Office Essentials: 12 Must Have Products That Every Office Needs

31 July 2019 Wednesday 15:07
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Office Essentials: 12 Must Have Products That Every Office Needs

Did you know that even small companies spend on average, $1,000 annually on office supplies?

Many products are needed for an office to run efficiently, and it can be difficult to be sure that you supply your staff with all that they need.

If you are wondering what every office needs to have, then you have come to the right place.

Continue reading to discover this year's must-have products for any type of office or workplace.

Your Must Have Products for the Office

If you are opening a new business or changing locations, you may be in the need of office supplies to help fill in all of the drawer and shelf space.

In order to have a successful business, you must supply employees with the proper resources to effectively do their jobs.

There are many must-have products that you should avoid forgetting, they can help make the workplace more efficient and improve the quality of work because staff will have everything that they need.

Without the proper resources, employers see an increase in stress, a decrease in employee morale, and also run a higher risk for employee burnout.

In order to prevent these things from happening, you can use this guide to ensure that you have everything you need.

1. Desk Supplies

One of the biggest must-have products for the office is supplies for your desks.

Items like pens, tape, staplers, highlighters, pencils, scissors, paperclips, and trash bins are typically necessary for any office to run.

These are often the items that employees take for granted and don't realize how much they rely on them until the supplies run out.

2. Basic Technology

There are a few technology products that you may be required to supply your employees with.

If your staff needs a computer and phone to effectively do their job, you will have to supply them with each product. Most communication is done through phones and email, some companies are able to get away with doing everything on a smartphone or tablet.

Having a good printer is also recommended for an office. The ability to scan, fax, copy, and print are usually needed by staff. Wireless options often work well and can help your company run more smoothly.

3. Computer Programs

Not all companies use the same programs and software on computers.

Be sure to know exactly what kinds of apps and programs that your employees will need to have. This even includes writing, if your company requires Excel, you need to supply staff with Microsoft programs or other comparable options.

Many companies use specific apps to track time, record client information, and even ones to manage invoices. Having these programs pre-downloaded to devices can get your employees started strong.

4. Paper Products

Paper products are probably going to be one of the most important items that you purchase for the office.

Some companies are choosing to go green and are taking measures to avoid paper usage, but for those who don't have everything on their electronics, the paper will be required.

Stocking up on notebooks, sticky notes, lined paper, blank printing paper, cardstock, and colored paper is recommended for any business. Events and notices come up, and you may want to use colored paper to catch the attention of employees.

Be sure to check how much ink your printer has so that you can use your paper right away!

5. Organization Tools

If you want your business to run smoothly, without any hiccups, you may want to invest in organization products for the office.

Getting filing cabinets, labels, label machines, paper clips, binders, and folder can keep all of your most important information organized and easy to find.

Offices that lack organization may see an increase in errors, documents missing, and being late on orders or due dates. Keeping the office organized will help employees find the information needed to do their job, without searching for hours.

6. Furniture

An office probably won't run very efficiently if there isn't any furniture inside the building.

Having desks, supportive chairs, tables, and cabinets can help keep the office organized and comfortable.

It is important to find supportive chairs for desks. Your employees spend around 8 hours every day at their desks, and with proper support, pain can be minimal. It is also a good idea to consider the lighting inside of the office.

Adding lamps or changing bulbs can brighten up your workplace and keep employees motivated to work.

7. Nameplates for Desks

If you are looking for the ultimate sign of professionalism, you can check out Namify nameplates and holders that are a great addition to any desk.

Nameplates are not only informative, but they are also a great way to express yourself. Many companies can create personalized pieces that match your office and personality.

Although nameplates don't seem like the most important product for the office, they are a symbol of power and can be put on the desks of the management team.

Don't be afraid to get creative and display your personality, it may help guests and clients remember who you are!

8. Mail Supplies

Most businesses have mail coming in and out of the building on a daily basis, so it is important to have all the required mail materials for your company.

Purchasing envelopes, stamps, boxes, labels, and cardstock are recommended when you first open your business.

Having these products can help make you prepared for any situation. Even when emergencies come up and overnight shipping is needed! Having a good relationship with your mail person can also help benefit your business.

9. Monthly Calendar

Having calendars around the office is never a bad idea.

They help keep you organized and prevent you from missing important client meetings even when you can't keep your thoughts straight.

Tracking meetings, events, birthdays, and deadlines can help your company run smoothly and help ensure that you beat every due- date. Some people prefer to have a calendar that they can write on, while others prefer electronic options.

Supplying your staff with their preferred time tracking device can keep them more organized and help push your business forward. The busier you get, the more you will realize how much you need this product.

10. Whiteboards and Information Centers

In business, there is always information that you come across that needs to be shared with your staff.

Having a whiteboard or chalkboard can help your office run smoothly. They can use these to communicate, track specific trends, write daily objectives and for many other purposes.

It is also recommended to have an area, like a bulletin board, where you can post important memos, information, and announcements. Information centers are a great resource for employees to find crucial policies and procedures.

Don't forget to purchase the required materials needed as well. These can include erasers, cleaning sprays, chalk, markers, push-pins, thumbtacks, and magnets.

11. Supportive Mousepads

Supplying yourself and employees with supportive mousepads or keyboard pads can save you time and keep employees out of the doctor's office.

For companies that do the majority of work through electronic devices, repetitive movements, such as typing, can lead to physical problems like carpal tunnel.

Investing in ergonomic pads and products can keep everyone in the office more comfortable and free from pain. Getting this cheap product can help eliminate office stress and keep your staff working more efficiently.

12. Paper Shredder

If you are a business owner, you are more than likely a familiar friend to paper shredders.

There is a lot of confidential information that needs to be properly disposed of overtime in the office, and a paper shredder is the best solution. Using a shredder will allow you to relax and not worry about private information being let out.

Sensitive documents, canceled checks, previous client information, and employee tax info. are a few things that you will eventually need a paper shredder for. That is unless you don't mind shredding all of it by hand, which can be extremely time-consuming.

Avoid Letting Your Stationary Go Unsupervised

Purchasing these must-have products, mentioned above, for the office can help you create an efficient and organized working environment that employees will appreciate.

Many times when starting a new company, business owners become distracted and forget to purchase necessities. Utilizing this list will help you stay on top and help avoid any setbacks for the future.

These must-have office items can potentially improve work quality and help make employees more satisfied with their jobs.

Be sure to check out our business section to find more articles, like this one, on how to enhance your business and quality of work.



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