The Mini is in its fifth generation since BMW had the happy idea of ​​recovering it to revive the experience of a car that became legendary in the 60s. It continues to be a successful model around the world and, within the electrification plans of brand, the Cooper Electric comes to become a 0-emission utility vehicle with a lot of style.

Thus, the Cooper Electric model, available only in three-door format, is the latest innovation that the brand belonging to BMW has put on sale in our market. It has a very careful design, with an unmistakable exterior image that everyone is able to recognize. It presents a clean and smooth line, without stridency, with a truly attractive balance.

It gives off that premium air that the brand has always wanted, with an octagonal front grille and the characteristic round headlights. The usual ones. Also notable is the roof in a contrasting color with the body, which combines elegantly with the black front apron.

The short overhangs and the small hood are part of its DNA, with proportions that guarantee always stimulating sporty behavior. Measuring 3.85 meters in length, it is approved for four passengers and has a 210-liter trunk that is suitable for two suitcases and little else.

Of course, the interior capacity is surprising, both in the front and rear seats. An aspect that gives an idea of ​​how well used the interior is, benefiting from a wheelbase of 2.5 meters.

And as a detail that surprises with its originality, the driver can configure the headlights and taillights to project a specific pattern among three options.

The electric motor of the new Mini can have 184 HP, for the Cooper E version, or 218 HP for the Cooper SE version. The electric motor is powered by a battery with a capacity of 40.7 kWh or 54.2 kWh for the most powerful version.

Designed a priori for urban and interurban use, the maximum range ranges from 305 kilometers for the Cooper E to 402 km for the Cooper SE. Although, as is often the case, autonomy depends a lot on the driving style, the ambient temperature and the type of route.

The Mini Cooper’s battery can be charged via alternating current with 11 kW. Fast charging with direct current is possible with 75 kW and in the Cooper SE with up to 95 kW. At a fast charging station, we can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in just under 30 minutes.

Depending on the weather conditions, active navigation via the Mini Navigation system ensures that the battery reaches the ideal temperature in advance for efficient charging.

This significantly reduces charging time, especially in cold temperatures. Additionally, for a simple charging process, the user can optimize the vehicle’s battery charge through easy-to-apply settings such as the start time or a specific time window.

With the usual perception of quality conveyed by the interior, the new Mini presents a cleaner dashboard, devoid of superfluous elements and with a truly original and avant-garde appearance.

And for an urban lifestyle, connectivity gets the best possible treatment. Above all, the large round OLED screen in the center of the dashboard stands out. This high-resolution central screen allows you to operate all vehicle functions intuitively with touch or voice control. And it has been located closer to the driver to make it especially easy to reach.

Regarding the new and striking central screen, it should be noted that it works through a new operating system called Mini Operating System 9, based on Android Open Source.

And the system is connected to the internet to be able to receive wireless updates and offer real-time data on traffic or the location of charging points. It also allows access to an application store with games or streaming video players. And it is wirelessly compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Low center of gravity, direct steering and rigid suspension make driving the Mini Cooper Electric a fun experience. Likewise, the performance is that of a compact sports car: the Cooper E accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds and the Cooper S in 6.7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 160 km/h (184 HP engine) and 170 km/h (218 HP engine).

On the other hand, the driver has three driving programs (Mini Experience Modes) called Core, Green and Go-Kart. These modes modify the response of the electric motor, the way information is displayed to the driver and the ambient lighting.

Mini offers Essential, Classic, Favored and JCW (John Cooper Works) finishes. And it is available from 35,000 euros or 195 euros per month, with an entry of 9,141 euros and a final fee of 18,902 euros. Always financed by BMW Bank.