ITILV4: Exam Structure and Preparation

ITILV4: Exam Structure and Preparation

19 May 2019 Sunday 14:09
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ITILV4: Exam Structure and Preparation

Founded in February 2019, ITILV4 has been the finest update ever found in ITIL framework ever since 2011. The objective of ITIL 4 is to provide organizations with a flexible foundation and to support businesses directing the advanced technological era in the digital world. It is also designed by keeping in mind the aim of keeping IT operations and software development updated.

Structure of Exam

ITIL 4 focuses not only on processes but also on service management principles as well. It has information on how to work on philosophies related to Lean, Agile, and DevOps in the service management field.

ITIL Foundation in the ITIL 4 Foundation book is described as the certification of the initial level that clearly briefs the importance of notions and practices used for ITIL. Million of Foundation certificates are awarded by preceding ITIL versions. Earning ITIL Foundation certification includes 26 correct answers of the total 40 questions in an objective type exam. It means you have to achieve 65%.

In this paper, four options are provided in each question. You have to circle the correct one. Every right answer has one mark. It is a 1-hour exam. Also, special provision is given to those candidates taking an exam in the non-native language. There are provided with an extra 15 minutes. As it is a not an open book exam, the materials allowed to carry in the exam are those for the exam only.

A valuable ITIL Foundation certificate is never expired.

4 Types of Questions

For all candidates, it is mandatory to attempt all questions within a provided time. The question paper includes four styles of objective types, as mentioned below:

  • Standardized questions: For instance, what service is about?
  • Find the missing words. For example, make it _____ and readable.
  • Listing format, for example, out of four statements, which one is right- 1, 2, 3, 4? The choices are A: 1&3, B: 2&4, C: 1&4, D: 2&3.
  • Negative standards: For instance, what is non-category of change? (This question type casually comes in an exam)

Administration of Exam

No doubt, ITIL 4 exam is easy, but training before attending the exam is highly suggested. For those who want to have ITIL certification of high-level, training is mandatory for them. Through training, one can discuss the exam's syllabus thoroughly and can prepare everything on time. Self-Study is important after the course every day so that you clear your doubts with the experts.

An exam fee is different in almost every country. Many organizations include exam cost in their total course fee. They conduct the exam after the training. A candidate can choose his exam center or can go for an online exam. An online exam is taken through a webcam. A provisional score comes on the screen instantly you fill out a post-exam survey and complete the online exam. The estimated results are displayed quickly to help candidates know about their performance and the approximate scores they can achieve in the exam.

Further, e-certificate and total scores are provided within business days. Also, you can ask for the hard copy of the certificate. The hard copy can be shipped to you with additional charges.

Examination Tips to Keep in Mind

  • No negative marking. You can attempt all questions, even those you are not sure about.
  • The exam results as pass or fail. There is no effect on the result for giving more than 26 correct answers.

How to Revise Your Answer Sheet Before Submitting it

  • Read questions one by one and check if answers you have given are correct.
  • Have an estimation of the number of questions you think you have answered correctly. If you are sure that you have given the right answers to more than 26 questions, submit your paper. In case, you don’t feel so, submit the paper only when you are sure of having attempted more than 28 correct answers.

Attempt the Exam Successfully!

  • No need to Over Think, Just Memorize!

While attempting a multiple-choice paper, your mind should be focused and free of unnecessary thoughts. ITIL 4 exam is about testing your knowledge. You don't need to think about how your organization does a particular process. Just answer what is being asked related to ITIL materials.

  • Don’t get Confused with Questions that Have More Than One Answer

Few questions may have more than one answer. Be confident! Go with the right one by executing the outcomes of your practices. However, in listing questions, you have to give the potential answers. Be wise and attentive while making such answers.

  • Not Getting the Correct Sequence

Generally, questions in the exam seem like you have seen them for the first time. You don’t remember the items in the list when it comes to making the correct order in order to form a sequence. Think wise and read questions with understanding to form a right answer!

  • Speed of a Reading

Few questions can be framed in a tricky way. You read the question quickly or just a few words of it thinking in mind the time and questions asked in the exam. There is nothing wrong in managing the time during an exam, but no haste is required. Give yourself appropriate time to read questions carefully and answer them accordingly. A candidate can get the answer through some keywords given in the questions. It is essential to give your best for your exam.

While studying, practice sample papers or previous years question papers, so that, you come to know what exactly ITIL4 Foundation Exam is about. You have to be hard working, punctual, and dedicated to clear this exam in the first attempt.

Practicing various previous question papers and learning how words are framed in the exam are the most significant key elements to get success. You can take professional help or prefer self-study. But, going with professional training always helps because you are able to set your study schedule aptly and focus on your studies regularly. You are provided with notes in ITIL 4 training courses.

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