Introducing Wash@Home - Hassle-free laundry services in the US,

12 November 2020 Thursday 12:36
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Introducing Wash@Home - Hassle-free laundry services  in the US,

Operating in the US, Wash@Home is a hassle-free laundry service that connects time-strapped individuals seeking to offload their laundry with people looking to make extra money from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Three types of users benefit from the Wash@Home app:

  1. Washees: users seeking to outsource their laundry
  2. Washers: users with access to a washing machine seeking to earn extra cash
  3. Couriers: users with their own transport seeking an additional revenue stream

Users can switch between user types within the app. For example, if a Washee wants to become a Washer or Courier, they can simply switch accounts in their profile settings, although additional information may be required prior to gaining approval.

For Washees, Wash@Home sets them free from laundry days, lifting the load from their shoulders and enabling them to spend more time doing the things they enjoy. Wash@Home offers:

  • Fast turnaround times, with a 48-hour service as standard
  • Flexible pickup and delivery options operating from 7am to 11pm
  • Attractive prices

The average American family completes at least eight laundry loads every week. With each load taking approximately one hour and 27 minutes from wash to dry, this represents a significant burden.

Wash@Home connects time-poor individuals with people who are happy to shoulder the burden, taking on their laundry to earn extra cash. Wash@Home is essentially an online platform that enables users to either get their laundry done, or earn money doing laundry and/or delivering it for others.

For Washers and Couriers, Wash@Home presents an exciting earning opportunity, enabling anyone with their own mode of transport or access to a washing machine to make money via this 100% secure and innovative app.

Wash@Home presents Washers with a unique opportunity to:

  • Earn on their own schedule
  • Become a Laundry Day Hero, lightening the load for busy mothers, fathers, professionals, and individuals struggling to keep on top of their laundry
  • Create a significant income stream from their own home, earning up to $1,500 a month via tracked payments that can be cashed out directly from the Wash@Home app

The amount of time a Washer has to complete an order depends on the pre-agreed collection and return time set by the Washee. Express deliveries must be completed within 24 hours, whereas normal deliveries take around 48 hours.

Wash@Home currently operates a promotional scheme, with users inviting friends to sign up and make orders using a personal invitation code. For each friend who signs up, users receive a 10% commission on that friend’s first order.

Wash@Home aims to assign Washees to Washers in the immediate area, usually within a 5-mile radius. Washers who make collections and deliveries can change the maximum distance they are willing to travel within their profile settings.

Individuals seeking to become a Wash@Home Courier must:

  • Have their own mode of transport, e.g. car, motorcycle, or bicycle
  • Own a smartphone ­(Android 5 and above or iPhone iOS 11 and above)
  • Be aged 18 years or older with no criminal convictions
  • Be able to provide proof of employment authorization within the United States

Orders are collected and delivered to Washees between 7am and 11pm. Couriers set their own schedules, choosing their hours rather than having slots dictated to them.

Wash@Home Couriers are assigned orders that are closest to them, although they can widen their maximum travel distance. Couriers are paid once an order is complete, earning up to $1,500 a month.

Couriers can cash out their earnings and track payments via the secure Wash@Home app. They can take breaks from receiving orders whenever and however often they want by toggling off the ‘availability’ button on the app’s home screen, although any active orders must be fulfilled.

This innovative app enables Washees to outsource their laundry in no time, while simultaneously providing Washers and Couriers with attractive earning opportunities. Wash@Home is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.