Ilgar Hajiyev about success in the construction business: I just took a risk where the others wussed out.

Ilgar Hajiyev on the success in the construction business: I just took a risk where the others wussed out. Biography of a businessman and the history of the creation of the Construction and Industrial Investment Corporation Accord. Click here!

15 October 2020 Thursday 11:44
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Ilgar Hajiyev about success in the construction business: I just took a risk where the others wussed out.

Today Ilgar Hajiyev is a millionaire, a successful entrepreneur, and investor. The Azerbaijani developer has been in the construction business for over 25 years. He has carried out quite a few successful projects in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. In Russia, he is known due to the SDI Group of companies, which includes more than 20 companies in the production of building materials, the development of projects, and the construction of infrastructure facilities in Moscow and the region. According to a community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors of exchanging experiences and find partners, the total revenue of companies related to Hajiyev exceeded RUB 2 bln in 2017.

For the latest news on Hajiyev's business in Russia, see the link.

But Hajiyev's main business is in Azerbaijan. And it is the Accord Construction and Industrial Investment Corporation, which has become the largest developer in the republic. In 2008, Kazimir, an American respected fund, estimated the assets of Accord at $ 4 billion, and in 2012, the revenue of the business, according to the interview of Ilgar Allazovich, reached $ 500 million.

History of success

One of the leaders of the construction sector in Azerbaijan has been distinguished by his entrepreneurial acumen since childhood. After graduating from school at seventeen, he decided to go into business - he opened his small shop, which, due to the talent and hard work of the future millionaire, helped him to earn his first million in his life at 19.

But, everything would have ended in trade, if it wasn't 1993 when the young Ilgar Hajiyev made another right decision, which made him the largest developer in Azerbaijan. That year, the republic gained its independence, and along with it, a shaky economy, in which only one sector was developing all this time - the oil sector. Therefore, the leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, called on dedicated businessmen to return assets to the republic, invest and develop their business here. Azerbaijan needed new jobs and modern companies that would be able to produce high-quality and affordable products for Azerbaijanis, including inexpensive but modern housing. The new management promised that it would create all the necessary conditions for the business to flourish. Despite Aliyev's urgent appeals, not many businessmen responded. The prospect of investing in a young republic with an unstable economy was very risky. No one was eager to lose their assets out of a sense of patriotic duty.

Ilgar Hajiyev became interested in the opportunities that were opening up and decided to succeed where others were wussed up. “I saw great potential in developing Azerbaijan. People wanted to work, earn money, live in better conditions, and I could help with this, ”says the entrepreneur.

Hajiyev chose the sphere of housing construction for investing money. Within a couple of years, he became a fairly large supplier of building materials and a successful investor. In 2005, all the companies created by the businessman were united under one brand - the Accord Construction and Industrial Investment Corporation, which became the largest developer in the republic.

Already in 2008, the first residential building under this brand was commissioned in Baku: a 4-block high-rise building with 239 apartments. The housing building met modern requirements for comfort and safety: an earthquake-resistant structure capable of withstanding a 9-point earthquake, drainage systems, security, and video surveillance systems, fire alarms, 24/7 hot and cold water supply, OTIS elevators. The adjacent territory was landscaped and planted with, equipped with two-story parking.

The company was the first in the country in the housing provision to the population with a long-term loan package of 25 years, without a down payment, that was, on the most favorable terms. Over the past three years, projects have been completed for 3 separate buildings, 1 town and 4 residential complexes, a total of 52 multi-story buildings in various districts of Baku. All these buildings, in total, consisting of 9,500 apartments with a total area of ​​750,000 square meters, account for 18% of all housing construction in the republic.

The Accord Corporation are the modern technologies for the well-being of the republic

Hajiyev has created a construction business that excludes intermediaries. The Accord is engaged in the production of building materials (concrete, sand, brick, marble, and other finishing stones, metal structures, etc.), design work, and construction contracts. Only in this way, according to the developer, is it possible to guarantee the quality of each of its projects, build complex and ambitious projects, and also reduce the final cost. He fulfilled his promise to Azerbaijanis in the mid-nineties to create a new format of housing, which would be high-quality, modern, and affordable.

The number one motto for the Accord is "Speed, Quality and Guarantee"

The most important infrastructure facilities of Azerbaijan, which were built by the Akkord corporation are

Intercity roads and highways, highways in Baku, several road complexes in the capital with bridges and tunnels, underground pedestrian crossings, and other infrastructure facilities.

The main production areas of the Accord are the following:

  •  Concrete plants. At the moment, 4 stationary and 2 mobile factories operate in Baku and its environs, and 12 stationary and 2 mobile factories are part of the corporation in the regions. About 40% of the concrete used for the construction of facilities in Baku is produced by the company. Coarse (gravel) and fine (sand) filters required for the production of concrete are processed at other enterprises of the Company. All concrete plants are equipped with modern computer technology, modern equipment and have the largest concrete quality control laboratories in the republic. During the last year, 1.250.000 m3 of high-quality concrete was produced.

  •  Production of sand and crushed stone is one of the leading areas in the activity of the Accord. At present, only in the city of Guba, there are 3 crushed-stone quarries, one each in the cities: Agstafa, Siyazan, Gazakh, and Imishli. Plants were built and put into production in the villages of Gilyazi and Mushfigabad. This year, 5,000,000 tons of sand and crushed stone were produced.

  •  Asphalt plants are located in the Balakhani village of Baku. They have a production capacity of 2,000 tons of asphalt per day. In 2019, 700,000 tons of asphalt were produced.

  •  Marble and Granite Factory is located in the Garadagh region, it has been actively operating since 2005 and is one of the first processing enterprises of the Holding. There are workshops for the processing of granite, marble, facing stone "Aglaya" and other materials at the plant with an area of ​​8 hectares. Manufactured products and design elements: Stairs, Slabs, Window sills, Railings, Holders, Stoves, Fountains, Vases, 70% of the manufactured products are used by the Company at its construction sites, the remaining 30% are put up for sale. The production capacity of the plant is 1600 m2 / day.

  •  Brick factories. They are located several kilometers from Baku, near the villages of Mushfigabad and Siyazani. The Mushfigabad plant, depending on the needs of the company and external customers, is capable of producing 1.500.000 bricks per month. A special laboratory has been created at the plant to comply with all technological parameters and ensure the quality of bricks. With its help, both the technological process and the quality of products are monitored.

  •  Metalware Plant of the Accord Holding. It is located in the village of Balakhany, has been operating since November 2007. Its products are boards for computers, meters, fire-fighting equipment, and electrical distribution boards; iron doors, metal furniture; metal structures for banks, offices, warehouses and shops; metal cabinets for archives, libraries, accounting offices; covered bodies for all types of cars, wagon-type living rooms.

  •  Production facility of items from stainless materials. Located in the village of Balakhany, it has been operating since November 2007. It produces stainless products that have become integral attributes of modern construction: handrails, balustrades, as well as lighting poles, various posts, frames, and barriers.

  •  Production facility of paints and varnishes. The Accord`s paints meet world standards and manufactured according to the latest technologies, keep up with European brands, also outstrip them in some indicators.

  •  Sewing factories. The workshops have the most modern equipment from German and Turkish industry leaders. The main activities of the factory are sewing men's suits, uniforms, school uniforms, and various items of clothing for children, women, and men. After the construction of the second factory, the total production capacity of the facilities was 170,000 units of clothing per month. The factories have about 1200 employees.
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